Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The prank on Dad and Jodi with Ryan's help!

Let me provide some background info on this video. It really is pretty funny...

When dad and Jodi came thru for a visit they had stopped at Imo's Pizza until I got off work. While they were here, they parked on the street. Well, my dad is notorious for leaving his car unlocked. He had also said he left the GPS sitting on the front seat of his car!

Anyways... The assumption was made that the GPS was stolen from his vehicle while they were visiting with us. Word got around, and even when my mom and Ray visited, the comment was made, "Will our vehicle be safe here?"... Yeah, it was an on-going joke.

I was absolutely baffeled though as when living here by myself I accidently left open the garage door (with the door leading into the house unlocked as well) on two seperate occassions. Also, our maintaince guy once left the keys to our house still in the door for an entire weekend before my in-laws saw it! On any of these occasions, nothing was stolen from us. So we feel pretty comfortable here but just thought perhaps a GPS sitting in an unlocked car on the street would be rather tempting...

About a week or two before my dad and Jodi visited, one of my brothers (Ryan) spilled the beans that he had found the GPS in the middle consol of the car after they got home... Needless to say, no one said anything to us about finding this GPS so I made Ryan promise not to say that we knew and we were going to play a prank on Dad and Jodi. So here's the video with the prank...

Sorry... You've gotta turn your head to really appreciate it. I don't know how to turn the video!

Merry be-lated Christmas!

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