Saturday, February 28, 2009

Questions for RE

Good evening!!!! I need you, yes, you annonymous/known reader's help! :-)

I have my first RE appointment on Tuesday (as in, less than three days away!) and am trying to put together a list of questions to ask... HELP!!! What would you suggest? Any previous experiences (positive or negative) that you want to share to a fellow gal trying to soak up all that she can??? ;-)

I have already sent over the questionaire for both Charles and myself. Also, sent over all my bloodwork results as I am indeed anal like that and ask for the specific results myself. I did this as my previous Dr. offices have been pulling this crap that it is a long drawn out process to get records sent over. let's just say that this is exactly why I'm glad I no longer deal with them!!! I'll certainly be the "squeeky wheel that gets oiled first" though! :-)

So far, this is my list...

~What specific tests would you recommend? How much do they cost?
~Based on the results of those tests, what are my treatment options, and how much do they cost?
~What is the national success rate for those treatments in terms of live births?
~If we decide that clomiphene citrate therapy is the next step, how many unsuccessful cycles will we try before we move onto another treatment option?
~How do you feel about Letrozel (Femara) instead of Clomid?
~What is your success rate with clomiphene citrate/Letrozel therapy - and what are the side effects?
~How many Ovulation Induction (OI) cycles do you recommend before moving on?
~What is the "next step" for us?
~Do you offer clinical trials?
~What are the risks of twins or high-order multiples?
~How will I communicate with you during this whole process?
~Do you encourage or recommend complementary or alternative medicine?

Thanks bunches for any and all thoughts, opinions, and babbling that are shared! If you feel more comfortable sending it to me via e-mail, you can.

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