Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mother Goose

This blog consists of two different "stories" but both along the same lines. I am, Mother Goose.

At work, this is my new nickname. I am the "motherly" one. I am the one that keeps everyone else in line. I have been told that I give a "look" and this person rethinks their words/actions/behaviors. Yes. I have officially been dubbed the Mother Goose to keep everyone along the correct path. Yes. I was even told this was a conversation at a party when things got a little out of hand and the Mother Goose (AKA- Me) was brought into the conversation. It was mentioned to me that things would not have occured as they did had I been there as I would have given "the look" and actions would have turned around.

Let's talk about pressure here!!! To be the one to make everyone else behave?? haha! Or, am I a "Stick in the mud"??? Nah. I love to have a good time. I can do it without being intoxicated or doing anything illegal and if this makes me a "stick in the mud", well, so be it.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I dunno. Perhaps both a blessing and a curse??? :-)

And onto my next story...

So, last night I had a wonderful dream. :-) I cried and awoke with a smile on my face.

I dreampt I was at some gathering and my mom happened to be there too. I wasn't exactly feeling well so I decided to take a home pregnancy test. Yes. I am a POAS-aholic as I literally just pulled a HPT from my purse and took it. I was awaiting a stark white negative, as usual, but was utterly shocked and surprised when I saw a BLAZING plus (positive) sign!!!! I remember two things very distinct about this instance. First. It was a Wal-Mart Equate brand test. You must know I do not buy these brand tests. Secondly, I remember announcing that I was 10 days past ovulation. And it was a beautiful plus! It came up quicker than the control line did!!! I was in shock and crying... not like bawling crying but like tears of joy and unbelieving! I also remember announcing that "miracles DO Happen on break cycles... This was my only second break cycle and here I am pregnant!" Yes. Second break cycle, as in I am currently on my second break cycle. Maybe this is it??? ;-) I also remember in my dream touching my belly and having that first initial thought of becoming a mommy! It was the best feeling ever, even if it did only happen in my dream...

But the confusing part... I decided to take a ClearBlue Digital (the one that says Pregnant or Not Pregnant) and it came up 'Not Pregnant'. I remember being upset slightly but then telling myself that those are not as sensitive but continuing to think that if the plus sign was so dark on the equate brand why wasn't it picking up on these? Maybe it was just a defective test???

So, let's just say that the dream left me feeling all good inside but confused as well. Was I or wasn't I pregnant??????? Such is life. Even dream world doesn't give a straight answer!

So, I am indeed a Mother Goose. Both in real life and in my hopeful dream world! :-)

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