Friday, September 26, 2008

I am Thankful for _____________!

I love these fill in the blanks! I was reading Redbook (a chick magazine for those that did not know) and for everyon that is apart of their cover they have a t-shirt that says, "I love my ________ life" and everyone is to fill in what they love about their life. Well, since it's fall and fall is associated with Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving is when you are to reflect on what you are Thankful for, I've decided to get a head start on this. I've posted a lot of gripes within the last few posts and now I am going to be thankful! Let's hope this post is one of my longest ones yet! ;-)

I am thankful for my God. My Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross for my sins. It overwhelms me that if I was the only person living on this earth, He still would have died to save ME! My God is my Father, my Daddy whom I enjoy just crawling into his lap and letting go of all my fears, failures, saddness, and all the good stuff too!

I am thankful for my husband. He is my best friend. My life partner. We've been through a lot the last 6 1/2 years we've been together! He's stuck by my side through it all. Through the tears from both sadness and joy! He has ridden on my emotional rollar coaster of life. He supports me. He encourages me. He loves me. He cooks and cleans. I love our secrets we have between us that only we know. I love that he knows how some things are so important to me that regardless of how I feel, he is there to hug me and listen. I am so thankful that our paths crossed...

I am thankful for my parents. My mom and dad are both extremely supportive of me! They care about me, about my husband, about our life and our future. I love the traits I get from my parents. Although neither are perfect and life has been rocky and our relationships have had their ups and downs, I do not know what I would do without my mom and dad.

I am thankful for my brothers, as irritating and annoying and aggrivating that they can be! I am thankful, first time in my entire life, for not having a sister. Although I spent many years torturing you boys with Barbies, babies, dress up, and all I am thankful it was BOYS and not GIRLS I was playing with! :-) I am thankful that I had siblings... I thoroughly enjoyed growing up in a large family. Someone is always around. Always available to talk to. Someone is usually there that can relate to where you are or wanting to head in life.

I am thankful for my extended family and other loved ones. Although we may not currently talk everyday or be up to speed on what's exactly happening in our lives, I still think about you often and pray that everyone is well.

I am thankful for my in-laws... Everyone from Charles' parents to siblings to nieces. I love them all! I am thankful to have a relationship where I can pick up the phone and call whenever need be and not worrying about some horrible relationship there. I am thankful that I have been welcomed into the family as well!

I am thankful for my friends. Friends with whom I was once extremely close to and who were there for me during the real tough times in my life. Although life has taken us different directions, you four girls will always have a very special place in my heart!!!!!!! I am thankful for the "old" friends with home I still keep in contact with and am looking forward to sharing the many new life adventures we'll share together! :-)

I am thankful for the new friends I am making in Missouri. I have met a great bunch of people within different settings. Each one has a unique and special story to tell with amazing trust and confidence. I am looking forward to many more girl chats and getting to know you so much more!

I am thankful for my doggies. Although some of you have heard me bicker and copmlain about these darn four legged babies of ours... They are hilarious to watch! We have decided that Jack (Jack Russell Terrier about 20 pounds) thinks he is bigger than he is and Jill (Lab/American Bulldog mix about 60 pounds) thinks she is smaller than she is! It's hilarious to play with them. To watch them play together. To see how jealous they get of one another...

I am SO thankful that I have a job. Yes, I need another job. I need a job that pays me enough to make all our monthly bills... But, none the less, I AM thankful that I have a job paying me something at this moment!!! And, I am thankful that it's literally like 2 miles from my house! :-)

I am thankful for technology. That I have had the ability to connect with ladies all over the world, literally, and each and every one of them have a very special place in my heart! You know who you ladies are!!!!! Yall are the absolute best and when I win the lottery, we're so having tea in the Saraha Desert!!! :-)

I am thankful to whoever invented nail polish. Yes. Nail polish. I LOVE this stuff!!!! The oh so many colors available... The various moods these colors portray. How a simple new coat of nail polish can make me feel oh so pretty! :-) The reds and pinks and browns and oranges and blues and greens and yellows and golds!!!! They're all beautiful!

I am thankful for my and my husband's health. We are both in excellent health! Although we have other struggles, I'd take those struggles any day of health concerns! I am thankful that we can see the beautiful seasons that God created! That we can hear the birds chirping and those annoying night critters making their beautifully LOUD sound. I am thankful that we can smell the flowers, fresh cut grass, new rain. I am thankful that although Jack is scared to death of thunderstorms, that we can hear the gentle rolling thunder as we lay in bed talking about life... I am thankful.

I am thankful for the ability to get my education as a free woman in the United States of America. I am thankful that I can worship my God without fear. I am thankful to all those who have fought for America's freedom.

I am thankful that I have clothes on my back. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head. I am thankful that I have a vehicle to drive. I am thankful that I have shoes to cover my feet. I am thankful that I have clean water to drink and food to eat. I am thankful that I have the ability to wash my clothes as many times as my heart desires in fresh and clean water.

I am thankful I can go see a Doctor whenever I need to. I am thankful that we have individuals who spend many years studying medicine to find cures for the various cancers out there along with HIV/AIDS, childhood illnesses, and other various sicknesses. I am thankful that the research continues in all these areas.

I have to throw this in there for my very special ladies reading... I am thankful for Home Pregnancy Tests!!!! No longer are the days of the 1800th century where the only way to find out if you were pregnant were to inject a rabit with a women's blood and then kill it... Nor do we need to urinate on a special flower to see if red dots appear. Instead, I am thankful that we can simply pee on a stick and watch a line (or two) appear with great anticipation! We can pee on as many as we wish without another soul ever having to know unlike if we were going around killing rabbits or squatting in the middle of a flower field! *Where's the AMEN ladies???*

I am thankful for Sunflowers. My favorite. I am thankful that they are always pointing towards the Sun in resemblance of the Son of God and to always follow Him! I am thankful for Roses (Charles' favorite flower) as a Rose would not be as sweet if called by any other name... Whose that famous line by?

Well, I must conclude my list of "Thankful's" as Charles is coming home from work and we both must awaken at 4am for work tomorrow so it's way past sleepy time! I hope you take time to be thankful for what you have in your life, no matter how simple or complex it may be! Share what you are thankful for if you do wish! I'd love to hear all about it! :-) Goodnight.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Yes, I'm very aware of what oh, two posts ago said... Oh, we're trying so hard to let all this be glorifying to God!!!

So, today. Let me tell you about today. It started with sleeping for FOUR HOURS (I got home from work and settled into bed after putting up darn fly catchers as we are being taken over, literally, by gnats!!!!!! just before 11pm last night) as the alarm went off at 3am when Charles had to get up, eat breakfast, and drink this horrid "poo" concoction by 3:30am for his CT Scan at 7:00am.

*The CT Scan is hopefully to be used in getting his medical certificate back so that he can resume training and thus earning more money and checking out at the various levels and well, it was taken due to the kidney stones he had in Oklahoma City, OK at training. So, this scan is to hopefully show that no more stones are present and thus all clear.*

So after drinking the "poo" as Charles kindley referes to it as, he came and crawled back into bed with me for a little longer of sleep eye. The second alarm went off at 5:10am when up we got and showered. Out the door by 5:50am (Yes, I showered and was ready to walk out the door within 40 minutes!) and on our way to the hospital. We get there. Charles fills out paperwork and all that jazz. He is called back. I situate myself and manage to fall back asleep. Yes, in the middle of the waiting room I'm zonked out using my purse as a pillow of course. About 45 minutes later, Charles is waking me up and ready to go.

He had three bandages on his right hand where they tried to stick him and couldn't find a vein, a vein blew, and finally found a successful one. So they were pumping him full of IV fluids and stuff for the scan and if you know my husband, you know that he already has to pee 5,000 times a day so this just makes it worse! He went to the bathroom before we left the hospital and five minutes down the road he had to go again but decided to wait until we got home. So, we're driving up our little road home. We come upon an old lady (yes, old women drive SLOW!) going MAYBE 10 mph! No joke. Speed limit clearly listed at 25 mph. So, hubby decides to pass the woman (dotted line) and a cop is right behind us... He passes her too and decides to follow us to the stop sign and turning onto our road. Right then, the blue and red lights start flashing. We're pulled over. DAG GUM IT! Those were my words at least. Charles said, "what can he get us for? It was a dotted line and I maxed at 30 mph with the speed limit 25." I said, " I dunno but we shall see..."

The officer walks up. Gives a look of complete and utter disguest. Gets the license and registration. Tells us to "man the vehicle" and walks back to his car. He's just sitting there. Literally. He does not look like he's moving around at all. Just sitting there... Meanwhile, Charles is rocking back and forth having to urinate SO bad! And he told ths officer of this as well. haha. After what seemed forever, the officer walks back. Hands the license and registartion and says that he's going to give a verbal warning but had he not done what he did (exactly how was he breaking the law again?) he would have (insert here clicking noises the officer was making while moving his hands in a writing fashion) gotten a ticket. We thank the officer and drive off.

So, we are home. Decide we are both tired and go to sleep. It's 8am ish at this time. I, of course, fall right to sleep and sleep until I'm kindly woken just after 11am. haha. I wake up. Charles finshes getting ready for work.

He leaves for work just after noon ish. On his way to work and he calls. Says he has bad news. Great. What now. Tells me that a lady driving in the lane next to him ran over a piece of wood and it flew up and over and has now chipped his windshield. Yep. Here's the lovely photo. It's a little smaller than a dime but still pretty decent size.

So, I have officially decided that we are taking donations from whoever wants to donate to this chartiy case! We don't have a ticket to pay (on something we're not sure of how the law was actually broken except 5 mph over listed speed limit and I thought they only got you if you were in Peachtree City, Georgia) but now have to pay for this darn chip so it doesn't spread!

And while I'm delivering not so hot news, I'm STILL without a decent paying job!!! ANY leads anyone wants to provide me?? I can type. i can talk. I can sell, if I must. I can provide the absoulte best customer service you have EVER seen before. I can answer phones and work multiple computer systems. I can LEARN!!!!!!!!! I can work somewhere or work from home or travel or whatever is needed to pay my bills!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Gnats. Fruit Flies. PESKS!

These flying, annoying, and SO hard to get rid of creatures are taking over our house!!!!!!! SO not kidding. No, we do not have fruit or any type of food out. Let me tell you what we DO have though. We have a sucky rental house that originally had a front door only the worlds strongest man/woman could open and close that now is able to be opened and closed by a baby but has a GIANT gap at the bottom of the door! This my friends is where these critters are coming in from.

We had a pet spider who kindly was named Charlotte from Charlotte's Web that took up shop right next to the door. Pretty good for it and us as well, she caught them all so we only had to clean up dead gnats all over the floor. Well, another spider killed Charlotte and this one was bigger so I decided it was time to get rid of the inside spider web and spider. Outside we had FOUR, count them, FOUR massive spiders that liked to live right above our front door IN the siding! Yes, mental note here. Do NOT get a house with siding as this is perfect for these critters to live in while impossible to spray to kill them! So, after Charles battled these four giant spiders one night, the gnat population seemingly grew to outstanding numbers over night!

Wake up the next morning to find the white carpet covered with little black spots (gnats, dead) along with the entry way flooring very dirty looking (again, gnats, dead) with still so many flying all over the house! They are upstairs in the kitchen, in the trash can, in our bedroom (I can only imagine how many we're "eating" while we sleep! YUCK!), in our bathrooms (yes, both), downstairs at the computer and on the couch watching TV! They are freaking all over the place! We might as well be living outdoors with them everywhere...

Tonight, on dinner break from Lowe's, I googled (yes, LOVE google!) how to get rid of gnats. Came up with some concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar in a wide mouth jar with sceran (sp?) wrap rubber banned around it and using a fork to make holes just big enough to get into but not out of... We shall see!

Back at Lowe's, I am checking out a guy with TWO items. One, a four pack of sticky fly trap and one can of bug spray. I ask him if he knows how to get rid of gnats. he lifts up these two items and says we are battling the same thing. That they've done everything except eliminate eating all together in the house! Said they were using the Apple Cider Vinegar (which is good for everything, obviously) and it has worked some but not enough to solely rely on that and that the fly traps are the next step with the spray being the final step for them... At least I know it's not just us battling these darn pesky no good creatures! Yes, NO GOOD!!! You tell me what they are good for other than feeding spiders that we kill anyways and I'll change my opinion on that! :-)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I like to think I come from a great family. Now, don't you go imagining some "Leave it to Beaver" type family as that's certainly not my family. Instead, imagine some normal potato sack with a few nuts thrown in. Wait. Instead, perhaps you should imagine a huge nut sack with a few normal potatoes thrown in? LOL I won't bore (or perhaps it is entertaining) with the whole divorce scenario. Instead, I want to focus on the family that I have that I do not know. You know. We all have those family members lingering out there somewhere. Perhaps the family members we were once close to, now are not so. This is sad. This is very sad. What happened to cause the distance to grow between family members? I mean, it's family. "Blood is thicker than water", right?? I think I should add in that I am solely focusing on my mom's side of the family. Dad's, well, that's a whole new bunch of folks that deserve their own post! :-)

I imagine somewhere in my family I am linked to amazing people. Perhaps an animal trainer at Sea World, a well known novelist (and since I don't read, I wouldn't recognize the name anyways!), Governor somewhere but not of Alaska or Texas please. I dunno. Perhaps a goofy magician or Goofy himself! :-) Maybe I am related to a bunch of regular old people who like to fish and camp and tell old family stories or shop and buy shoes to have three to one ratio per every outfit or are dog lovers like me. Perhaps I'll even come across a family member that struggled to get pregnant like myself. Wait, should I start questioning that perhaps I'm adopted and that's why I'm not "fertile mertile" like the rest of the women in my family?? Sorry for the mini rant there.

I remember spending many summers going to dreaded Florida. These were what my parents considered "vacations". To this day, visiting Florida is NOT a vacation no matter how I look at it! Nor is visiting family members considered vacation. But the time spent with family, not on vacation, was mostly pleasant. I have a ton of cousins of which I don't even know all of. This is sad if you ask me. I was once very close to some of my cousins but we all let this thing called life get in the way and well, now we're not so close.

So, after talking to a beloved cousin last night and how much we both miss the closeness our family once had, I got the bright idea to put together a family reunion. I'm waiting to see hear opinions if this is desired by others as well before moving forward though. I think that either it would be absolutely amazing or it could be absolutely horrid! You see, some people have very loud and strong opinions in my family. Perhaps I should own up to my own stubbornness?? This is where I got it from. See, I knew I could find a way to not solely own up to it!

I'm thinking and hoping that perhaps a family reunion would be a nice time to re-connect with certain family members that A) I don't even know their name and B) that I once had a fantastic relationship with that has been lost for one reason or another. What's the saying? As far as it beith unto me, do all that I can do to live at peace with everyone, right? Well here's me on the path of giving it one last BIG try!

Monday, September 15, 2008

PCOS... No longer!

Yep, you read correctly. Now, let me give you the background to this title. :-)

After spending the last 2 1/2 years waiting for a baby, I have spent many a hours researching reasons WHY, medically, I do not have a baby to call my own. When I was told I had PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, my world crashed. Not just in terms of fertility but so many other health issues tag along such as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc... I continued doing research as I was not necessarily "sold" on this diagnosis. Yes, I had the ultrasounds performed and was told I have polycystic ovaries. I saw them. The a-typical string of pearls around my ovaries. My bloodwork came back all normal. I was not Insulin Resistant (class PCOS sign) nor did I have elevated LH or FSH levels, again classic for PCOSers. I did have irregular cycles which is a symptom of PCOS but not necessarily signifies it IS PCOS. Follow that?

Well, I visited my THIRD ob/gyn today. I went in with my last 28 cycles in hand, via Basal Body Temperature charts along with questions galore! oh, and hubby tagged along too! :-) The Dr. was SO nice. Great bedside manners!!! The staff was excellent! Very friendly and willing to answer whatever questions I had! :-)

So, first my height and weight. Height. Do you believe I only measured 5' 7 1/2"?? yeah, let's say I've shrunk?? LOL Weight. Well, I'm not about to tell you a number but I'm pretty happy with the number given it's only five pounds up from the weight I lost in Georgia! Then, my blood pressure. 112/80. Perfect. We were instructed to wait in the room until called in his office to start off the visit. I like this. You talk OUT of the exam room where one is much more comfortable! We chatted in his office. Talked about my medical history. My family's medical history. Shared my previous test results when he asked what other tests I'd had performed. He addressed Charles and that male infertility can also play a role in a couple having a baby. Although it only happens about 10% of the time, we need to rule it out...

After chatting and him actually LISTENING! Boy, what a concept! He encouraged and embraced my natural/alternative methods we've used in trying to have a baby. I then had another internal ultrasound performed. The sonographer was amazing! The first time I have had one where they actually TALK to you!!! She pointed out things on the screen. Said everything looked great. Did mention that my uterus may be split slightly at the end. (Not sure what that means and forgot to ask the Dr. about it but he wasn't concerned as he didn't bring it up in the after consultation) Other than that, just took the pictures and then met with the Dr and then he did his thing. Said everything (ovaries, uterus, etc) all felt perfect.

He confirmed what the sonographer said in that my ovaries had a few follicules growing but since I'm on cycle day five and taking a natural form of ovulation stimulator that it is obviously working but nothing looked abnormal. Ovaries are normal size with a reasonable amount of follicules growing and no additional cysts. he said that after looking at everything that he just doesn't believe I have PCOS. That while I have a couple "components" that are linked to PCOS they are also signs of other hormonal imbalances and that the classic PCOS symptoms I do not have so he does not see any justification in classifying me as a PCOS patient!!!!

This is SUCH an amazing God miracle!!!! October 2006 I CLEARLY had the a-typical string of pearls around my ovaries when I was given the PCOS diagnosis. Today, almost two years later, I am wiped clean of the PCOS tag! I believe miracles to happen and believe that God is healing my insides! I do attribute the time I spent on the South Beach Diet to this healing as well...

And that's how God reassures me that He is indeed in control of everything. That HE will give us a baby when the timing is right... Until then, may we just continue to trust Him and life will go on! :-)

Friday, September 12, 2008

"Bring the Rain"

"Bring me joy, bring me peace
Bring the chance to be free
Bring me anything that brings your glory
And I know there'll be days
When this life brings me pain
But if that's what it takes to praise You
Jesus, bring the rain"

Mercy Me, "Bring the Rain"

Although life right now feels more like a hurricane barrowling down upon Charles and I, it is merely a few rain drops that God has complete control over. I came across these reminding words via a blog, to be exact. Please, do not read unless you A) have time and B) are prepared to laugh hysterically while bawling your eyes out. The courage, the strength, the endless trust and faith that this family has shown in our Heavenly Father amazes me. Although I want to say that I could not handle their situation, I also once believed that I could not handle to be in my own situation. I believe indeed that God does not give us more than we can handle, with Him by our side. For each one of us, that level varies and while it is easy to get caught up with wanting to live through someone else's life, we can only live the life before us.

God led me to this blog for a reason. To work on my heart. The last couple of days have been very tough for me. Emotionally, Psychologically, Spiritally, Physically... While I rejoice with part of my heart, I am angry and confused and frustrated and grieve with the rest. I have yelled at God. I have cried with my husband. I have grieved with dear friends who, unfortunately, understand. And I have been encouraged by each and every one of these situations as well.

My "rain" has a title. Infertility. I have felt like Eyeore who constantly has this black cloud hanging over his head. Rain that looks as though it is going to let up and the sun is going to poke through but then, BAM! it starts pouring rain with thunder and lightening. No end in sight, as though it seems. This is when the devil hopes to destroy all faith and trust with our Mighty and Awesome Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father.

Although I have a label for my "rain", Charles and I feel like we have a whole system of storms hitting us like we cannot experience a single "rain" free season! We have to battle "rain" in everything we do or so desire to do! Will ANYTHING come easy for us? A single vacation...Housing...Family...Finances...

Finances are, well, let's just say that they are struggling. We feel defeated. As though this storm has flooded our lives where we are struggling to find ways to live. We really have questioned if God is hearing our prayers. Like, I know He is, really, I do. He shows me He is with me in different ways. By certain things I've read, heard, seen that show Him but feel as though he's put our prayers on his "back burner" to be delt with at a later time... Like they are not important enough for His immediate attention.

I feel as though I am entering a new phase in my life, my relationship with Jesus. I have done a lot of thinking, crying, and talking and feel as though this is my decision. I cannot control my life in a humanly fashion. I have failed miserably trying this before. Why continue to worry and fret about it when I can release all my struggles to Him to guide me through life. All I have to focus on is His will and listening to what He has to say... I am so thankful that God likes to speak to me in the little ways (TV, Radio, random road signs, other people, etc) that I can understand.

While I understand life does not automatlly get easier, as in the problems immediately go away, the way I look at these "problems" changes. If this so be my "rain" that will be used to glorify God, so be it.

Please take a moment and wath these videos... Combined, they are under 30 minutes and well worth the time! They are videos from CrossPoint Church with the couple featured from the blog I mentioned earlier.

"Will we intrepret God through our circumstances or believe that He is who He says He is?"

I feel my heart changing... May this "Rain" that we encounter in life be our testimony of Christ's love. Should I also mention that here in Missouri, it happens to once again be raining??? Coincidence? I think not...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 ~ Never Forget

7 Years ago today the world changed. I was sitting in Mr. Skremetti's History (go figure) class when the news hit. I remember learning of a fellow teacher's son who was to be at work in one of the Twin Towers. She was unable to get ahold of him for hours... She finally received an e-mail that he was fine and was actually not in the Twin Towers. I remember all the stories and photos that were plastered on the TV. As a nation, we became one. I hope that we NEVER forget how we felt this day. What we were doing. What our thoughts turned to. No one was worried about the car you drove or the house you lived in but for the hand to help walk or shoulder to cry on.

This video is more relevant to me than for 9/11 rememberance. Everyday, we face challanges and why it may not seem like it, God is there right with us waiting for us to call out to Him and follow Him through the darkness into the light. I am really preaching to myself with this post as life circumstances would have it.

May we all, NEVER forget...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!

It's still early and the day's young so try not to work too hard and enjoy this time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! We'll celebrate when we see you soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

How do you start your day??

Ya know, most people tend to start their days with coffee or some other caffeinated (I didn't spell that right) beverage to get their adrenaline pumping! Not us... And yes, I intentionally said "us" as in Charles initiates it and I follow. haha!

I can't say much more to that other than check out the photos and tell me that that doesn't get your adrenaline pumping! But reality hits again when the repair shops charges you $270.00 to fix the darn thing!

Do you see that HUGE gash?? Come to find out, all this happened becuase of a tack that was run over that let all the air leak out of the car. When that happens, the tire gets really hot and then bursts in multiple places, hence the huge gashes. Nice, huh?

Charles waiting on the two truck... He was on his way to work. New guy already showing up late. Gosh! What's up with these young fellows now a days? LOL
Yeah, he's not too happy that I'm walking around taking pics with my phone camera. (That's why their shotty photos)
And this is me, sitting in the injured car looking back at all the traffic coming towards us praying that no one decides to have an accident, loose control of their vehicle, and hit us... Thank God we were safe!

And well, all this does is reconfirm how much I NEED A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


St. Charles I.E.S.
I accomplished something BIG today!!!! long story short here. The Infertility Education and Support group I was co-facilitating, I am now sole facilitating (with help given as available). I didn't know how or who or what to get it all going... I contacted Progress West Hospital (whom was originally going to allow us to meet in the Community room and than cancelled due to the group changing) and have reserved the Community Room, again! :-) our first meeting is still to be held September 10 from 7-8:30pm!!!! Instead of having a professional in the Infertility realm come and talk with us every 2nd Wednesday, until the New Year it's just going to be us girls talking, meeting, and learning more!

And the best part, I got my FIRST e-mail confirmation from a woman coming!!!!! :-) I'm SO very excited and hopeful and scared and nervous and relieved that the first step is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, anyone want to visit?? Just come on!

Why can't I make enough money doing something I am so passionate about, such as this or similiar?????????? Now that's a whole different topic!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Have sleep problems?

This post is for those that have any type of sleep problems... Unable to fall asleep. Toss and turn all night long. Wicked nightmare dreams. Hot/cold/hot/cold. Ya know, all those sleep problems! Well, for only $29.99 I will give you the remedy you have been looking for so you may have a better night's sleep! That's right, only $29.99 and your slight problems will be resolved! (Well, disclaimer here that you have to actually follow the directions.)

Let me start by telling my personal testimony. :-) While hubby has been in OK training, the TV has remained on one of two channels. 938, Christian music NON stop all day long is where it remains about 90% of the time and channel 59, TLC the other 10% of the time. Let me add that on TLC I only watch good feeling shows such as Jon and Kate Plus 8, What Not To Wear, Bringing Home Baby, A Baby Story, Rock the Reception, etc... During this time, I slept so peacefully! I am a GREAT sleeper! It takes me only seconds, most of the time, to fall asleep. I am a very hard sleeper too. I very rarely wake during the middle of the night. When I dream, it's usually crazy dreams but nothing too scary that wakes me up. (And I dream often) I've never had much to complain about when it comes to my sleep habits...

Well, last night the two hour premier of Prision Break aired. This is one of Charles' favorite shows so of course, it was on. I ended up watching it with him. While I can somewhat say I enjoy the show, it's on a very limited basis as I feel horrible while watching it! My adrenaline is pumping, my heart is racing, I breath shallowly, my whole body is just tense! Even the commercials were intense to watch! When it was over, off to bed we went.

I laid awake. I tossed and turned. I was hot. I was cold. I was comfortable for 10 seconds then hot again. Wait, throw off the covers and yet again getting cold. I fell asleep for a short period of time before waking up thanks to a horrid nightmare of people I know being shot. I laid awake. I listened to every little sound insisting that someone was trying to break in. I was sleeping again to dream about running from the stupid "company" that Prision Break was talking about... yeah, it sucked. All night long! :-(

So, again, do you suffer from sleep problems?? For the next 10 minutes only, I'll tell you how to resolve your sleep problems forever! You must abide by this simple rule for the best nights sleep ever... TURN OFF THE TV! Okay, so maybe this can be modified. Don't necessarily turn off the tv but turn off the high intense shows like Prision Break, 24, Law and Order, etc! I now totally understand why so many people have a problem sleeping!!!! haha! No thanks. I'll stick to my TLC and other "feel good shows and movies"!