Thursday, September 4, 2008


St. Charles I.E.S.
I accomplished something BIG today!!!! long story short here. The Infertility Education and Support group I was co-facilitating, I am now sole facilitating (with help given as available). I didn't know how or who or what to get it all going... I contacted Progress West Hospital (whom was originally going to allow us to meet in the Community room and than cancelled due to the group changing) and have reserved the Community Room, again! :-) our first meeting is still to be held September 10 from 7-8:30pm!!!! Instead of having a professional in the Infertility realm come and talk with us every 2nd Wednesday, until the New Year it's just going to be us girls talking, meeting, and learning more!

And the best part, I got my FIRST e-mail confirmation from a woman coming!!!!! :-) I'm SO very excited and hopeful and scared and nervous and relieved that the first step is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, anyone want to visit?? Just come on!

Why can't I make enough money doing something I am so passionate about, such as this or similiar?????????? Now that's a whole different topic!


Annie Kates said...

Yay Megs! I am so happy that this is working out, even if it will be just you leading it. Who knows, maybe this group will lead into a profession. I am so proud of you.

Making Babies said...

This is SO COOL!!!! Congrats. If only I lived closer. :)

squirrelgirl said...

Very cool! You're settling into your new community nicely. Best wishes for a successful first meeting - I'll be thinking about you.