Saturday, September 20, 2008


I like to think I come from a great family. Now, don't you go imagining some "Leave it to Beaver" type family as that's certainly not my family. Instead, imagine some normal potato sack with a few nuts thrown in. Wait. Instead, perhaps you should imagine a huge nut sack with a few normal potatoes thrown in? LOL I won't bore (or perhaps it is entertaining) with the whole divorce scenario. Instead, I want to focus on the family that I have that I do not know. You know. We all have those family members lingering out there somewhere. Perhaps the family members we were once close to, now are not so. This is sad. This is very sad. What happened to cause the distance to grow between family members? I mean, it's family. "Blood is thicker than water", right?? I think I should add in that I am solely focusing on my mom's side of the family. Dad's, well, that's a whole new bunch of folks that deserve their own post! :-)

I imagine somewhere in my family I am linked to amazing people. Perhaps an animal trainer at Sea World, a well known novelist (and since I don't read, I wouldn't recognize the name anyways!), Governor somewhere but not of Alaska or Texas please. I dunno. Perhaps a goofy magician or Goofy himself! :-) Maybe I am related to a bunch of regular old people who like to fish and camp and tell old family stories or shop and buy shoes to have three to one ratio per every outfit or are dog lovers like me. Perhaps I'll even come across a family member that struggled to get pregnant like myself. Wait, should I start questioning that perhaps I'm adopted and that's why I'm not "fertile mertile" like the rest of the women in my family?? Sorry for the mini rant there.

I remember spending many summers going to dreaded Florida. These were what my parents considered "vacations". To this day, visiting Florida is NOT a vacation no matter how I look at it! Nor is visiting family members considered vacation. But the time spent with family, not on vacation, was mostly pleasant. I have a ton of cousins of which I don't even know all of. This is sad if you ask me. I was once very close to some of my cousins but we all let this thing called life get in the way and well, now we're not so close.

So, after talking to a beloved cousin last night and how much we both miss the closeness our family once had, I got the bright idea to put together a family reunion. I'm waiting to see hear opinions if this is desired by others as well before moving forward though. I think that either it would be absolutely amazing or it could be absolutely horrid! You see, some people have very loud and strong opinions in my family. Perhaps I should own up to my own stubbornness?? This is where I got it from. See, I knew I could find a way to not solely own up to it!

I'm thinking and hoping that perhaps a family reunion would be a nice time to re-connect with certain family members that A) I don't even know their name and B) that I once had a fantastic relationship with that has been lost for one reason or another. What's the saying? As far as it beith unto me, do all that I can do to live at peace with everyone, right? Well here's me on the path of giving it one last BIG try!


mom said...

Nuts are good for you! :) I think you will get plenty of support for having a family reunion. I love you!

Making Babies said...

I think it would be wonderful if you could pull it off. Life is so short. :)