Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

Yes, I'm very aware of what oh, two posts ago said... Oh, we're trying so hard to let all this be glorifying to God!!!

So, today. Let me tell you about today. It started with sleeping for FOUR HOURS (I got home from work and settled into bed after putting up darn fly catchers as we are being taken over, literally, by gnats!!!!!! just before 11pm last night) as the alarm went off at 3am when Charles had to get up, eat breakfast, and drink this horrid "poo" concoction by 3:30am for his CT Scan at 7:00am.

*The CT Scan is hopefully to be used in getting his medical certificate back so that he can resume training and thus earning more money and checking out at the various levels and well, it was taken due to the kidney stones he had in Oklahoma City, OK at training. So, this scan is to hopefully show that no more stones are present and thus all clear.*

So after drinking the "poo" as Charles kindley referes to it as, he came and crawled back into bed with me for a little longer of sleep eye. The second alarm went off at 5:10am when up we got and showered. Out the door by 5:50am (Yes, I showered and was ready to walk out the door within 40 minutes!) and on our way to the hospital. We get there. Charles fills out paperwork and all that jazz. He is called back. I situate myself and manage to fall back asleep. Yes, in the middle of the waiting room I'm zonked out using my purse as a pillow of course. About 45 minutes later, Charles is waking me up and ready to go.

He had three bandages on his right hand where they tried to stick him and couldn't find a vein, a vein blew, and finally found a successful one. So they were pumping him full of IV fluids and stuff for the scan and if you know my husband, you know that he already has to pee 5,000 times a day so this just makes it worse! He went to the bathroom before we left the hospital and five minutes down the road he had to go again but decided to wait until we got home. So, we're driving up our little road home. We come upon an old lady (yes, old women drive SLOW!) going MAYBE 10 mph! No joke. Speed limit clearly listed at 25 mph. So, hubby decides to pass the woman (dotted line) and a cop is right behind us... He passes her too and decides to follow us to the stop sign and turning onto our road. Right then, the blue and red lights start flashing. We're pulled over. DAG GUM IT! Those were my words at least. Charles said, "what can he get us for? It was a dotted line and I maxed at 30 mph with the speed limit 25." I said, " I dunno but we shall see..."

The officer walks up. Gives a look of complete and utter disguest. Gets the license and registration. Tells us to "man the vehicle" and walks back to his car. He's just sitting there. Literally. He does not look like he's moving around at all. Just sitting there... Meanwhile, Charles is rocking back and forth having to urinate SO bad! And he told ths officer of this as well. haha. After what seemed forever, the officer walks back. Hands the license and registartion and says that he's going to give a verbal warning but had he not done what he did (exactly how was he breaking the law again?) he would have (insert here clicking noises the officer was making while moving his hands in a writing fashion) gotten a ticket. We thank the officer and drive off.

So, we are home. Decide we are both tired and go to sleep. It's 8am ish at this time. I, of course, fall right to sleep and sleep until I'm kindly woken just after 11am. haha. I wake up. Charles finshes getting ready for work.

He leaves for work just after noon ish. On his way to work and he calls. Says he has bad news. Great. What now. Tells me that a lady driving in the lane next to him ran over a piece of wood and it flew up and over and has now chipped his windshield. Yep. Here's the lovely photo. It's a little smaller than a dime but still pretty decent size.

So, I have officially decided that we are taking donations from whoever wants to donate to this chartiy case! We don't have a ticket to pay (on something we're not sure of how the law was actually broken except 5 mph over listed speed limit and I thought they only got you if you were in Peachtree City, Georgia) but now have to pay for this darn chip so it doesn't spread!

And while I'm delivering not so hot news, I'm STILL without a decent paying job!!! ANY leads anyone wants to provide me?? I can type. i can talk. I can sell, if I must. I can provide the absoulte best customer service you have EVER seen before. I can answer phones and work multiple computer systems. I can LEARN!!!!!!!!! I can work somewhere or work from home or travel or whatever is needed to pay my bills!

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Cathy said...

Wow, you're having one heck of a week! I thought the mosquitoes were bad in STL this year, but apparently that's not all. I wish I had helpful tips but I'm afraid I do not. Your story about the cop was too funny; I'm glad to hear he didn't actually give you a ticket. That's insane!

I know you've been crazy busy lately with work, but let me know if you have some down time (just you, or it can be a couples thing!) and we can hang out again :) Happy almost Friday!