Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 ~ Never Forget

7 Years ago today the world changed. I was sitting in Mr. Skremetti's History (go figure) class when the news hit. I remember learning of a fellow teacher's son who was to be at work in one of the Twin Towers. She was unable to get ahold of him for hours... She finally received an e-mail that he was fine and was actually not in the Twin Towers. I remember all the stories and photos that were plastered on the TV. As a nation, we became one. I hope that we NEVER forget how we felt this day. What we were doing. What our thoughts turned to. No one was worried about the car you drove or the house you lived in but for the hand to help walk or shoulder to cry on.

This video is more relevant to me than for 9/11 rememberance. Everyday, we face challanges and why it may not seem like it, God is there right with us waiting for us to call out to Him and follow Him through the darkness into the light. I am really preaching to myself with this post as life circumstances would have it.

May we all, NEVER forget...

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