Monday, September 15, 2008

PCOS... No longer!

Yep, you read correctly. Now, let me give you the background to this title. :-)

After spending the last 2 1/2 years waiting for a baby, I have spent many a hours researching reasons WHY, medically, I do not have a baby to call my own. When I was told I had PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, my world crashed. Not just in terms of fertility but so many other health issues tag along such as hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc... I continued doing research as I was not necessarily "sold" on this diagnosis. Yes, I had the ultrasounds performed and was told I have polycystic ovaries. I saw them. The a-typical string of pearls around my ovaries. My bloodwork came back all normal. I was not Insulin Resistant (class PCOS sign) nor did I have elevated LH or FSH levels, again classic for PCOSers. I did have irregular cycles which is a symptom of PCOS but not necessarily signifies it IS PCOS. Follow that?

Well, I visited my THIRD ob/gyn today. I went in with my last 28 cycles in hand, via Basal Body Temperature charts along with questions galore! oh, and hubby tagged along too! :-) The Dr. was SO nice. Great bedside manners!!! The staff was excellent! Very friendly and willing to answer whatever questions I had! :-)

So, first my height and weight. Height. Do you believe I only measured 5' 7 1/2"?? yeah, let's say I've shrunk?? LOL Weight. Well, I'm not about to tell you a number but I'm pretty happy with the number given it's only five pounds up from the weight I lost in Georgia! Then, my blood pressure. 112/80. Perfect. We were instructed to wait in the room until called in his office to start off the visit. I like this. You talk OUT of the exam room where one is much more comfortable! We chatted in his office. Talked about my medical history. My family's medical history. Shared my previous test results when he asked what other tests I'd had performed. He addressed Charles and that male infertility can also play a role in a couple having a baby. Although it only happens about 10% of the time, we need to rule it out...

After chatting and him actually LISTENING! Boy, what a concept! He encouraged and embraced my natural/alternative methods we've used in trying to have a baby. I then had another internal ultrasound performed. The sonographer was amazing! The first time I have had one where they actually TALK to you!!! She pointed out things on the screen. Said everything looked great. Did mention that my uterus may be split slightly at the end. (Not sure what that means and forgot to ask the Dr. about it but he wasn't concerned as he didn't bring it up in the after consultation) Other than that, just took the pictures and then met with the Dr and then he did his thing. Said everything (ovaries, uterus, etc) all felt perfect.

He confirmed what the sonographer said in that my ovaries had a few follicules growing but since I'm on cycle day five and taking a natural form of ovulation stimulator that it is obviously working but nothing looked abnormal. Ovaries are normal size with a reasonable amount of follicules growing and no additional cysts. he said that after looking at everything that he just doesn't believe I have PCOS. That while I have a couple "components" that are linked to PCOS they are also signs of other hormonal imbalances and that the classic PCOS symptoms I do not have so he does not see any justification in classifying me as a PCOS patient!!!!

This is SUCH an amazing God miracle!!!! October 2006 I CLEARLY had the a-typical string of pearls around my ovaries when I was given the PCOS diagnosis. Today, almost two years later, I am wiped clean of the PCOS tag! I believe miracles to happen and believe that God is healing my insides! I do attribute the time I spent on the South Beach Diet to this healing as well...

And that's how God reassures me that He is indeed in control of everything. That HE will give us a baby when the timing is right... Until then, may we just continue to trust Him and life will go on! :-)


Making Babies said...

I'm so so so HAPPY for you!! It's great to get such positive news for a change. I have such a good feeling for you guys! :)

~Jess said...

YAY! Thank you for your comment on my blog. That's wonderfully positive news! Hopefully you guys will get pregnant soon!

squirrelgirl said...

Hooray! What wonderful news. Finally!