Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Have sleep problems?

This post is for those that have any type of sleep problems... Unable to fall asleep. Toss and turn all night long. Wicked nightmare dreams. Hot/cold/hot/cold. Ya know, all those sleep problems! Well, for only $29.99 I will give you the remedy you have been looking for so you may have a better night's sleep! That's right, only $29.99 and your slight problems will be resolved! (Well, disclaimer here that you have to actually follow the directions.)

Let me start by telling my personal testimony. :-) While hubby has been in OK training, the TV has remained on one of two channels. 938, Christian music NON stop all day long is where it remains about 90% of the time and channel 59, TLC the other 10% of the time. Let me add that on TLC I only watch good feeling shows such as Jon and Kate Plus 8, What Not To Wear, Bringing Home Baby, A Baby Story, Rock the Reception, etc... During this time, I slept so peacefully! I am a GREAT sleeper! It takes me only seconds, most of the time, to fall asleep. I am a very hard sleeper too. I very rarely wake during the middle of the night. When I dream, it's usually crazy dreams but nothing too scary that wakes me up. (And I dream often) I've never had much to complain about when it comes to my sleep habits...

Well, last night the two hour premier of Prision Break aired. This is one of Charles' favorite shows so of course, it was on. I ended up watching it with him. While I can somewhat say I enjoy the show, it's on a very limited basis as I feel horrible while watching it! My adrenaline is pumping, my heart is racing, I breath shallowly, my whole body is just tense! Even the commercials were intense to watch! When it was over, off to bed we went.

I laid awake. I tossed and turned. I was hot. I was cold. I was comfortable for 10 seconds then hot again. Wait, throw off the covers and yet again getting cold. I fell asleep for a short period of time before waking up thanks to a horrid nightmare of people I know being shot. I laid awake. I listened to every little sound insisting that someone was trying to break in. I was sleeping again to dream about running from the stupid "company" that Prision Break was talking about... yeah, it sucked. All night long! :-(

So, again, do you suffer from sleep problems?? For the next 10 minutes only, I'll tell you how to resolve your sleep problems forever! You must abide by this simple rule for the best nights sleep ever... TURN OFF THE TV! Okay, so maybe this can be modified. Don't necessarily turn off the tv but turn off the high intense shows like Prision Break, 24, Law and Order, etc! I now totally understand why so many people have a problem sleeping!!!! haha! No thanks. I'll stick to my TLC and other "feel good shows and movies"!

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Erin said...

But Prison Break is such a great show!!! Nate and I are addicted :) You just need to TIVO TLC and watch a show after Prison Break :) Sweet dreams!