Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NIAW + Lost Stork = GOODIES!!!

I am so excited to share just a little of what Lost Stork Foundation has going on "behind the scenes"!

National Infertility Awareness Week is quickly approaching, April 24-30 to be exact, and as a kick off for Lost Stork Foundation we will be hosting a few raffles on our new {coming} blog! It's in the prepping stage design wise!

Christa at Fearlessly Infertile has joined us in fearlessly spreading the word and gaining supporters so we may help infertile and adoptive couples!! My mom who is also now blogging, will keep updating her blog too as more exciting things come to be!

For any Missouri readers- I am participating in a city wide yard sale with all funds earned going directly to Lost Stork Foundation! If you would like to donate items and/or your time, send me a message!

Until next time, You'll find me anxiously awaiting the mailman as I excitedly await the next package of goodies to be included in the NIAW raffles!! :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sharing the love!

This is her new favorite face. Hilarious! Cannot believe tomorrow marks her 5 month birthday! To help celebrate with us, hop on over to Christa's blog "Fearlessly Infertile" to participate in the raffle for Lost Stork Foundation!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vaccinations {Part 3}

Did you know... VAERS {Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System} has a whole section devoted to the compensation someone will get shall they exhibit certain "adverse events" after a vaccine? Check it out for yourself!

My favorite statement thus far... {I added the italics and bolding of words that I further elaborate on}

"VAERS data contains coincidental events and those truly caused by vaccines.
  • More than 10 million vaccines per year are given to children less than 1 year old, usually between 2 and 6 months of age. At this age, infants are at greatest risk for certain medical adverse events, including high fevers, seizures, and sudden infant death syndrome. Some infants will experience these medical events shortly after a vaccination by coincidence.
  • These coincidences make it difficult to know whether a particular adverse event resulted from a medical condition or from a vaccination. Therefore, vaccine providers are encouraged to report all adverse events following vaccination, whether or not they believe the vaccination was the cause"
That was taken straight from the VAERS website. I just want to say, "REALLY?!" It is KNOWN that infants between 2 and 6 months of age have the greatest risk yet that is when the recommended time frame to give a huge chunk {15 to be exact!} of the vaccines is for??? Is that by coincidence???

Then their is the moral issue... A number of vaccinations use aborted fetuses in the making! Polio {Vaccine name Poliovax}, Measles, Mumps, Rubella {Vaccine name MMR II}, Mumps-Rubella {Vaccine name Biavax II}, Measles-Rubella {Vaccine name MR-VAX}, Rubella only {Vaccine name Meruvax II}, Hepatitis A {Vaccine name Havrix Vaqta}, Hepatitis A-B Combo {Vaccine name Twinrix}, Chickenpox {Vaccine name Varivax}.

Thankfully, some manufacturers are sensitive to this moral issue and make an alternative.
Polio {Vaccine name IPOL}, Mumps {Vaccine name Mumpsvax, creative huh? :-)}, Measles {Vaccine name Attenuvax}.

...Bolding is my doing to put emphasis on the fine print... "Some studies suggest that chicken pox in a vaccinated child may be milder than in an unvaccinated child. However, some experts believe that this may be due to the vaccine suppressing the illness, which could actually signal a more serious underlying chronic condition. For example, “Atypical measles” is a disease that occurs only in people previously vaccinated for measles, and it is far more serious than regular measles. It is not yet known if “atypical chicken pox” cases will appear as a result of the use of VARIVAX.

The FDA VAERS' (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) first year surveillance of VARIVAX included over 1,500 reports. 76 were serious adverse reactions that included 2 deaths. While a VAERS report does not prove a causal relationship between the vaccine and the death or disability that follows, the vaccine is highly suspect in all such reports."

Now let's take a look at these vaccinations!

Let me first add... I am not anti-vaccine nor am I 100% pro-vaccine. I walk a thin line in what I believe is the right decision for OUR daughter. Not your child. Not your nieces or nephews. Not your grandchild. Not your friends' daughters' soccer coaches' niece! I simply want to do what I can in educating parents so that they may look at all sides and THEN make the most informed decision for their family.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Vaccinations {Part 2}

Did you know...

The 2011 Vaccine schedule for children birth - 6 years consists of

- Hepatitis B {Hep B}
- Rotavirus {RV}
- Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis {DTaP}
- Haemophilus influenza type b {Hib}
- Pneumococcal {PCV}
- Inactivated Poliovirus {IPV}
- Influenza
- Measles, Mumps, Rubella {MMR}
- Varicella
- Hepatitis A {Hep A}
- Meningococcal {MCV4}

Compared to the 1983 Vaccine Schedule for children

- Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis {DTP}
- Oral, attenuated Poliovirus {OPV}
- Measles, Mumps, Rubella {MMR}
- Adult Tetanus and Diptheria {Td}

Thoughts on THAT and how it impacts one's body in various ways??

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vaccinations {Part 1}

Oh, it is a strong debate word. Vaccinations. Shots. Whichever word you refer to them as. The sticking your child with a needle and injecting a disease/virus with the hopes they build antibodies as not to catch it themselves.

Charles and I have, after much debate and research, decided to delay vaccinations. At the time we deem appropriate to begin giving them, we will be selective in the ones we do give.

Why? I am sure you are asking...

Many reasons.

Young immune system. Known weaken immune system. Moral. Ethical. Medically. Too little research. Vaccine worked, disease gone! Recommended dosage times.

I will, in future posts, break down each individual vaccine and state the facts on them. All the nitty gritty stuff that a lot of parents do not care/want/desire to know about and just go with what the CDC recommends. If that works for you, great. If not, you'll want to read the posts. :-)

I will state that I do believe in vaccinations, when appropriate. I believe they are a great medical advancement, in some areas anyways. We are not an anti-vaccine family.

So check back tomorrow for the first post of many...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Love/Hate Relationship

I, just like many others, have several "love/hate relationships". My current is this whole post postpartum hair loss crap.

I hate that the head on my hair is falling out in mass numbers...

I love that the unwanted hair all over the rest of my body is falling out...

I hate that the darn shower drain keeps clogging...

I love that "Man, I feel like a woman!" again...

I was one of the unlucky ones that sprouted hair in rather manly places during the most womanly time in my life. I often wondered if I was turning into a man instead growing a human! Not to mention, I swore that based on this alone I was having a boy! Why else would all this testosterone be floating around my body?! I dread if I ever have a boy, wondering what it would do to my body! Thankfully, my husband loved me through it all and reminded me that I am still beautiful, if even only just to him. :-)

I love though, at almost 5 months postpartum, I am feeling like a beautiful person again. I even wore a necklace today {yeah, that's one of the places hair sprouted!} and did not feel self conscious about it!

Now, I must really work on getting pregnant in summer months so fall/winter months I will not be looked at like a wacko when I am wearing turtle necks and scarves every. single. day. until I return back to femininity again.

Next, I must work on these abs to show off my beautiful non-hairy stretch mark dusted belly!!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Can't shake it.

I wrote several posts back about our trip to Georgia for Jason Moye's funeral. A long time dear family friend. He is missed greatly and loved deeply. That will never change.

His death not only impacted me as a friend, but also as a mother.

A new mother.

I think about his mom, often.

I think about her memories of the last time she hugged her son. Last time she told him she loved him. The last time she laughed with him just because. The last time she did his laundry although he was not living at home.

I think about her thoughts for the future. He was to get married. The dreams of him having his own family. What would he be like at age 30, 40, 50, etc?

Then I stumbled across a blog whose daughter, Maddie, passed away from SIDS a couple weeks ago at a precious 4 months of age.

Madelyn's age.

I have deliberately, from the first moment, held Madelyn a little longer before putting her down for naps. Smelled her new baby smell often. Played with her fingers and toes daily. Enjoyed doing her laundry. Remained in awe of her smiles and coos and laughs.

This I did before any tragedy happen. This I did because I waited 4 years for her. I did because how quickly my pregnancy passed, I knew her childhood would too.

Now, I do so even more. As I read, "What is the hurry in having her grow up?" NONE! I know she is only little for so long. I know I will miss these moments. {que the song!} Moments that she still sleeps in our bedroom, sometimes in our bed. Moments that I can hold her for a long time without my arms giving out because she's grown so big. Moments that she is in awe of her mommy and daddy and needs us. I do not want to regret one moment of missing out on her, in the now. Whatever stage that may be.

Friends with kids- hug your children a bit tighter today. Tell them one more time that you love them. Laugh for no reason with them. Remember that they are more important than a clean house. Take lots of pictures but also take time to be in the moment.

Friends who are pregnant- being uncomfortable is the price to pay for such an amazing experience. Treasure it. Take lots of pictures. Your bundle of joy will be here soon.

Friends who are still waiting- When it happens, you too will surely take time to treasure each and every moment. Not letting life get in the way of the joy that your child has brought you. Soaking in each second in hopes of not missing a thing. For you, I pray this for.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Turned Away.

Lost Stork Foundation is no doubt a God derived organization given to me and Charles.

No doubt.

We felt God leading us to have a cookbook fundraiser. Our goal was 150 recipes.

We got 263!

To us, this was God's way of reaffirming that this was indeed His plan and we continued forward.

We now currently have a huge stash of cookbooks to sell.

Just this week, I have received three e-mails from three separate ladies sharing three unique infertility stories. All asking for financial help.

I have to turn them away.

Without the cookbooks selling, we have no funds to give grants.

Please buy a cookbook {or few as they are great gifts} and know that although you are receiving a great product, more importantly, you are helping a couple fulfill their dreams of achieving parenthood!

You can purchase via www.loststorkfoundation.org OR in person, just ask!