Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vaccinations {Part 1}

Oh, it is a strong debate word. Vaccinations. Shots. Whichever word you refer to them as. The sticking your child with a needle and injecting a disease/virus with the hopes they build antibodies as not to catch it themselves.

Charles and I have, after much debate and research, decided to delay vaccinations. At the time we deem appropriate to begin giving them, we will be selective in the ones we do give.

Why? I am sure you are asking...

Many reasons.

Young immune system. Known weaken immune system. Moral. Ethical. Medically. Too little research. Vaccine worked, disease gone! Recommended dosage times.

I will, in future posts, break down each individual vaccine and state the facts on them. All the nitty gritty stuff that a lot of parents do not care/want/desire to know about and just go with what the CDC recommends. If that works for you, great. If not, you'll want to read the posts. :-)

I will state that I do believe in vaccinations, when appropriate. I believe they are a great medical advancement, in some areas anyways. We are not an anti-vaccine family.

So check back tomorrow for the first post of many...


Stephanie said...

I delayed some and skipped a few. Plus I only let the boys have one at a time. Some schedules have them getting four at one appointment. It worked for us. :)

Annie Kates said...

I completely agree. We followed Dr. Sears alternative vaccine schedule. We started it 2 months later than usual. I didn't feel comfortable giving our 2 month old boys shots, when their adjusted age was only 3 weeks. You follow your heart and gut. She stays at home with your and is exclusively nursed. That helps out so much.

Michele said...

We like Dr. Sears as well and delay, as well as not give multiple shots at once. Peter is a scientist with a background in immunology, which helps a lot when looking at what different shots have in them, etc. Be informed! It's great for you and baby!!