Friday, March 18, 2011

Vaccinations {Part 3}

Did you know... VAERS {Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System} has a whole section devoted to the compensation someone will get shall they exhibit certain "adverse events" after a vaccine? Check it out for yourself!

My favorite statement thus far... {I added the italics and bolding of words that I further elaborate on}

"VAERS data contains coincidental events and those truly caused by vaccines.
  • More than 10 million vaccines per year are given to children less than 1 year old, usually between 2 and 6 months of age. At this age, infants are at greatest risk for certain medical adverse events, including high fevers, seizures, and sudden infant death syndrome. Some infants will experience these medical events shortly after a vaccination by coincidence.
  • These coincidences make it difficult to know whether a particular adverse event resulted from a medical condition or from a vaccination. Therefore, vaccine providers are encouraged to report all adverse events following vaccination, whether or not they believe the vaccination was the cause"
That was taken straight from the VAERS website. I just want to say, "REALLY?!" It is KNOWN that infants between 2 and 6 months of age have the greatest risk yet that is when the recommended time frame to give a huge chunk {15 to be exact!} of the vaccines is for??? Is that by coincidence???

Then their is the moral issue... A number of vaccinations use aborted fetuses in the making! Polio {Vaccine name Poliovax}, Measles, Mumps, Rubella {Vaccine name MMR II}, Mumps-Rubella {Vaccine name Biavax II}, Measles-Rubella {Vaccine name MR-VAX}, Rubella only {Vaccine name Meruvax II}, Hepatitis A {Vaccine name Havrix Vaqta}, Hepatitis A-B Combo {Vaccine name Twinrix}, Chickenpox {Vaccine name Varivax}.

Thankfully, some manufacturers are sensitive to this moral issue and make an alternative.
Polio {Vaccine name IPOL}, Mumps {Vaccine name Mumpsvax, creative huh? :-)}, Measles {Vaccine name Attenuvax}.

...Bolding is my doing to put emphasis on the fine print... "Some studies suggest that chicken pox in a vaccinated child may be milder than in an unvaccinated child. However, some experts believe that this may be due to the vaccine suppressing the illness, which could actually signal a more serious underlying chronic condition. For example, “Atypical measles” is a disease that occurs only in people previously vaccinated for measles, and it is far more serious than regular measles. It is not yet known if “atypical chicken pox” cases will appear as a result of the use of VARIVAX.

The FDA VAERS' (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System) first year surveillance of VARIVAX included over 1,500 reports. 76 were serious adverse reactions that included 2 deaths. While a VAERS report does not prove a causal relationship between the vaccine and the death or disability that follows, the vaccine is highly suspect in all such reports."

Now let's take a look at these vaccinations!

Let me first add... I am not anti-vaccine nor am I 100% pro-vaccine. I walk a thin line in what I believe is the right decision for OUR daughter. Not your child. Not your nieces or nephews. Not your grandchild. Not your friends' daughters' soccer coaches' niece! I simply want to do what I can in educating parents so that they may look at all sides and THEN make the most informed decision for their family.


Michele said...

Educating yourself is the BEST way to make the best decision for YOUR child. We still run into people who raise their eyebrows when we tell them we selectively vaccinate. But hey... My husband is has a background in immunology and I'm a librarian who read just about everything possible on the subject. We didnt go into it blind. And our kids are great. So kudos to you for taking charge of this!!!

Anonymous said...

I've never commented before - I am looking into this issue for my future kids and I only know enough to scratch the surface. I definitely want to learn more, since I have friends on both ends of the spectrum of the vaccine issue. I don't want to throw out vaccines entirely nor do I want to follow the standard schedule. I appreciate you looking in detail into these vaccines! I will definitely keep on reading your series. :)