Saturday, September 22, 2012

One month left.

Tomorrow my precious Little Miss will be 23 months old.

23 whole months.

It is the last month I can {without getting strange looks} count her age I months.

It is the last little bit of "baby" I have had to hang onto.

No more shopping for clothes in months...

In one month, I will have a two year old!

As I contemplated these feelings earlier today, tears welled in my eyes. I smelled, for the hundredth time today, the smell of her skin. I can still smell baby though it is being covered by toddler scent (aka- dirt) more every day.

Every single day I thank God for her. For the miracle of life I was blessed to have experienced.

I was told many times when pregnant and early into her life that it "wears" out.... The "new". Essentially that you come to take your child for granted.

Some moments I have wanted to pass while in them, yes. Taking my child for granted? No.

Especially as this weekend marked the birthday of that long time family friend who passed away a year and a half ago. In his 20's with so much life left to live.

No one has to remind me to treasure this time. I do.

When I was told that the hole in my heart infertility carved would be overflowing with love was indeed correct! I absolutely cannot fathom life without her sweet button nose. Silly personality. Caring nature. And inquisitive disposition. The way she says "Snuggle mommy" when she doesn't want me to leave a bedtime and asks me to sing "o baby" over and over again... Or hearing "bless you" repeatedly until acknowledged after a sneeze... And of course being told her in own sweet way that we must be doing something right as she loves on her baby dolls and gives kisses for a pretend boo-boo.

I think turning two has me more awe struck than her first birthday!

Now back to the party details as I need a distraction before I kill the iPad with tears. Good tears.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Yesterday was a freeing day. A day I needed. A day that restored my soul.

Yesterday I found out a very special friend is pregnant with her second miracle.

What's the big deal you ask?

Every.single.announcement from 2006 until yesterday would result in a horrible immediate selfish cry to Jesus. The usual {selfish} questions "Why her? Why not me?" were not my first thought upon finding out. I would eventually come around (some announcements sooner than others) but would definitely have my little temper tantrum have you first. A side of me I am certainly not proud about which is why this is so big for me!

Yesterday was different.

"Thank you. Thank you Lord for this miracle baby."

That was my hearts initial response. Proof the good Lord is at work on my heart.

Now this does not mean I need to be "tested" and become bombarded with pregnancy announcements. :-)

In your journey to grow your family, how did you handle pregnancy/adoption announcements? Did it vary with how far Into the journey you were?

For all my fertile friends reading this, I may of been jealous of your pregnancy happening before me but boy am I thankful for your continued support while I still waited. <3 p="p">

"Green" bed, arriving!!

We finally, after what seemed like forever, got the phone call our new bed is arriving Friday late afternoon!! We are soooooooo excited we can hardly stand it.

But we will.

Only because we have no other choice. :-)

The hubster has been having a ton of back pain. A good bit because of our {crappy} bed and since transferring here, because of his new {sitting all the time} work position. We figured let's change what we can {bed} and do other coping therapies {chiropractor, acupuncturist} for what he cannot.

After more hours spent researching than actually sleeping, we ordered a latex mattress from! We're super nervous as we've not laid on a latex mattress before but optimistic it is what we need for a restful nights sleep.

The pros as we see it-
Lasts 20+ years
Allergen free aka exposure to my extreme allergy to dust mites is drastically reduced
Bed bugs cannot live in it either :-)
No voc or any other chemicals
Wool as natural fire retardant
Claims it sleeps cooler than TemperPedic

Cons so far-
Buying without trying

Needless to say, we are so hopeful our bed causing bad nights of sleep will be behind us! Our Chiropractor envisions Little Miss having the ability of jumping to the moon on the bed. I guess we will find out just how jumpy it is since Charles taught her the thrill of jumping on beds. :-)

Friday, September 7, 2012


Since we made the decision not to pursue fertility treatments, we've had a record number of talks about our family dynamics....

Is Little Miss going to be an only child? Would that be horrible? Would she hate us for not giving her a sibling?

Are we to adopt? Domestically? Internationally? Infant? Older child?

After one of our early adoption discussions, I did a major no-no and browsed various states waiting children lists. I've done this many times and only once other time back in 2006 did I come across a brother/sister sibling group that pulled at my heart in such a unique way. We were in no way prepared to adopt then.

Now, maybe so?

This profile of a little boy, Sebastian, has my heart in a million pieces. He and Little Miss were born in the same month. Virtual twins? :-)

How did you know what was right for your family??

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Gosh it's been awhile since I blogged....

*chirp chirp*

Yep. That exactly describes my blog lately.

So what's on my mind these days.

We are in week two after making the incredibly hard decision to downgrade our data plan. We went from a wonderfully complex "smart phone" to a perfectly suitable "dumb phone". :-)

Back to talking and texting only....

I never realized how freeing it would be!!!

When we're out and about, I don't think to reach for my phone to check email or Facebook obsessively and find myself more in the moment. I also do not rely on my cellphone for pictures anymore so I bring my real camera with us everywhere again. Real camera = better share worthy pictures!

I do miss some apps..... Google Maps, flashlight, and the ability to Google a product or place while out and about.

Yes. I was addicted to my cellphone (as I know all too many others who are too!) and thanks to the Hands Free Revolution I was encouraged all the more to release that addiction and be just that, more hands on with Little Miss.

How much time do you spend on your cellphone? Do you have set technology free times?