Saturday, September 22, 2012

One month left.

Tomorrow my precious Little Miss will be 23 months old.

23 whole months.

It is the last month I can {without getting strange looks} count her age I months.

It is the last little bit of "baby" I have had to hang onto.

No more shopping for clothes in months...

In one month, I will have a two year old!

As I contemplated these feelings earlier today, tears welled in my eyes. I smelled, for the hundredth time today, the smell of her skin. I can still smell baby though it is being covered by toddler scent (aka- dirt) more every day.

Every single day I thank God for her. For the miracle of life I was blessed to have experienced.

I was told many times when pregnant and early into her life that it "wears" out.... The "new". Essentially that you come to take your child for granted.

Some moments I have wanted to pass while in them, yes. Taking my child for granted? No.

Especially as this weekend marked the birthday of that long time family friend who passed away a year and a half ago. In his 20's with so much life left to live.

No one has to remind me to treasure this time. I do.

When I was told that the hole in my heart infertility carved would be overflowing with love was indeed correct! I absolutely cannot fathom life without her sweet button nose. Silly personality. Caring nature. And inquisitive disposition. The way she says "Snuggle mommy" when she doesn't want me to leave a bedtime and asks me to sing "o baby" over and over again... Or hearing "bless you" repeatedly until acknowledged after a sneeze... And of course being told her in own sweet way that we must be doing something right as she loves on her baby dolls and gives kisses for a pretend boo-boo.

I think turning two has me more awe struck than her first birthday!

Now back to the party details as I need a distraction before I kill the iPad with tears. Good tears.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Almost 2. I think you can still count age in months. Heck I've readily told people I'm 32 and a half...although, now, I'm less than a month away from 33.

I hope you have a great time celebrating Little Miss's birthday!

Unknown said...

Even with Daniel being the 4th child, I cherished every moment. Only his moments were sad, knowing that I would not ever get to experience all those firsts again. Now I get to enjoy them all over with grandchildren! I hate not getting to see Madelyn more.

Leslie said...

I was just thinking the same for my little guy. Now I am counting down in days as he will be 2 in 26 days! Crazy how time has gone by so fast! The last two years has been amazing & I too am so thankful for having my little guy! I am so glad that you have your little girl and hope that the next 2 years are as fun as the last two!