Thursday, September 6, 2012


Gosh it's been awhile since I blogged....

*chirp chirp*

Yep. That exactly describes my blog lately.

So what's on my mind these days.

We are in week two after making the incredibly hard decision to downgrade our data plan. We went from a wonderfully complex "smart phone" to a perfectly suitable "dumb phone". :-)

Back to talking and texting only....

I never realized how freeing it would be!!!

When we're out and about, I don't think to reach for my phone to check email or Facebook obsessively and find myself more in the moment. I also do not rely on my cellphone for pictures anymore so I bring my real camera with us everywhere again. Real camera = better share worthy pictures!

I do miss some apps..... Google Maps, flashlight, and the ability to Google a product or place while out and about.

Yes. I was addicted to my cellphone (as I know all too many others who are too!) and thanks to the Hands Free Revolution I was encouraged all the more to release that addiction and be just that, more hands on with Little Miss.

How much time do you spend on your cellphone? Do you have set technology free times?


PCOSGirl said...

Im disgustingly addicted to my phone. Im on the internet all day long. Checking email, playing on facebook, etc. It's awful! My husband and I are both guilty of this and I know it's out of control when we're both checking our phone during dinner or while out with friends. Sounds like your decision to cut the data plan was a good one! In some ways Im jealous, but since my job requires me to be in email reach I guess I'm stuck for now!

Michele said...

We just upgraded our regular phones to smart phones and, I have to say, I'm better with my time because of it. The running and food apps save me a HUGE amount of time, and because I can check my email when, say, I'm making the kids lunch, etc, my time management is actually better!

Leslie said...

I admire you for doing this! I too am addicted to my phone and keep telling myself I need to figure out a way to disconnect. I am trying to be much better about putting it down when I am with my little guy! Our time is too precious as they grow up so fast! Thank you for posting about this!!