Friday, September 7, 2012


Since we made the decision not to pursue fertility treatments, we've had a record number of talks about our family dynamics....

Is Little Miss going to be an only child? Would that be horrible? Would she hate us for not giving her a sibling?

Are we to adopt? Domestically? Internationally? Infant? Older child?

After one of our early adoption discussions, I did a major no-no and browsed various states waiting children lists. I've done this many times and only once other time back in 2006 did I come across a brother/sister sibling group that pulled at my heart in such a unique way. We were in no way prepared to adopt then.

Now, maybe so?

This profile of a little boy, Sebastian, has my heart in a million pieces. He and Little Miss were born in the same month. Virtual twins? :-)

How did you know what was right for your family??


Leslie said...

I have been thinking about this alot. We are going to continue with treatments for now but I ask myself very similar questions. And for the first time this summer, my DH actually inquired about adoption. I wish you the best in deciding what is best for you & your family. I know it is not easy.

Thank you so much as well for your posts on my blog! I would love one day to meet. I still do not know when we will be moving as we are still in the process of trying to sell our house & me finding a job. But I hope we will be moved sooner than later!

Thinking of you.

Unknown said...

It would be sad for you and Charles to only have one child. Madelyn would love to have a sibling to boss around.

Erin said...

You guys are great parents and your child(ren) are very blessed to have you! Whether Madelyn is only child or you choose to pursue adoption or if you are once again blessed with a child of your own, God has a special plan for you. Just trust Him and seek His guidance and I know everything will work out perfectly for you!

Lisa said...

It sounds so simple but tons and tons of prayer and us being genuinely open to what the Lord had planned for us. Every month when we did infertility treatments we would pray before getting started...Lord, is this what you want for us? Etc. One month we just didn't feel at peace doing anything fertility related so we held off, continued praying...the Lord led us to "Adopted for life: the priority of adoption for Christian families" and through that book the Lord totally changed both of our hearts and we knew adoption was the Lord's will for us. I can't explain the peace that we both felt. As far as adopting waiting job is to recruit families interested in adopting these older children, train them, etc so if you ever have any questions about that route feel free to ask away. :)

Anonymous said...

If your daughter is an only child that's not the worst thing. If you decide to adopt that can be an amazing experience too.

Like Lisa I work with families where adoption often becomes an issue. However, Im seeing these families and kids with social services involvement and see that many of the children (both young and old) have significant issues that a potential adopting family needs to be aware of and willing to accept. Some of the children I see never find adoptive homes for a variety of reasons.

It would be lovely if all families interested in adoption got training like Lisa mentioned, but it does not happen here and I think it leads to much sadness.

I think Erin hit it on the head. God has a plan for you. Whether adoption or not, I can't wait to see how it all unfolds!

Sending hugs and prayers your way!