Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Green" bed, arriving!!

We finally, after what seemed like forever, got the phone call our new bed is arriving Friday late afternoon!! We are soooooooo excited we can hardly stand it.

But we will.

Only because we have no other choice. :-)

The hubster has been having a ton of back pain. A good bit because of our {crappy} bed and since transferring here, because of his new {sitting all the time} work position. We figured let's change what we can {bed} and do other coping therapies {chiropractor, acupuncturist} for what he cannot.

After more hours spent researching than actually sleeping, we ordered a latex mattress from! We're super nervous as we've not laid on a latex mattress before but optimistic it is what we need for a restful nights sleep.

The pros as we see it-
Lasts 20+ years
Allergen free aka exposure to my extreme allergy to dust mites is drastically reduced
Bed bugs cannot live in it either :-)
No voc or any other chemicals
Wool as natural fire retardant
Claims it sleeps cooler than TemperPedic

Cons so far-
Buying without trying

Needless to say, we are so hopeful our bed causing bad nights of sleep will be behind us! Our Chiropractor envisions Little Miss having the ability of jumping to the moon on the bed. I guess we will find out just how jumpy it is since Charles taught her the thrill of jumping on beds. :-)

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Leslie said...

Yeah!! I hope that your new bed and mattress help! I can not wait to hear more about how you like it. I love our bed frame but would love a new mattress. Ours is only 8 years old though so I am thinking it needs to last a while longer.