Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clarifying more {carseat fiacso}

I want to say that I greatly appreciate all your comments and hope that even just one mother took a closer look at how her babe sits in their carseat after reading my post.

What I did not want to do is deter anyone from not purchasing Chicco carseats or any other brand really. I believe all infant carseats have the same standard incline that has probably been studied more than once to be the best universal fit for infants from 4lbs to 30 ish lbs hence the weight limits on infant carriers. In saying this, I assume {and was not willing to "test"} that we would have had the same problem regardless of the brand infant carrier we went with which is why we jumped right into the convertible carseat. And as it was pointed out, the seats in vehicles these days are made to be comfortable for adults- not ideally the best when putting in a carseat. Ours was installed properly, even the Fireman who checked it concluded this and complimented my husband's work in doing so.

As I said in the original Carseat Fiasco post, "So my caution to parents- Instead of believing that you just happen to have a child that hates the car seat and screams every time you go anywhere, make sure they are positioned properly and if not, get a new car seat! It was worth the extra money knowing she's now really truly safe in the car! Yes, some kids do just hate the car seat and that's okay once you have ruled out they are actually breathing properly in it. :-)" To take it even further, every baby is different. Every carseat is different. Eventually you will find a good match for your baby. It may take a couple or more attempts but it is well worth it!

And really, I have taken the advice myself to be more than just with carseats. Whenever Little Miss gives off any clue that something is not right I thoroughly check on her and the surroundings before ruling that she's just fussing to fuss.

To answer questions- We were able to return the infant carrier to the store where we originally purchased it and was given store credit due to the circumstances. Little Miss' new carseat is still working beautifully and despite the occasional fuss that happens, she now does not mind car rides and usually just looks around or falls asleep peacefully. I am not as worried about our upcoming trip to Georgia like I was when she was in the infant carrier and am so glad we cancelled our trip we were going to take {while she was still in the infant carrier} in November! I'll still be sitting in the back with her but that's okay for the peace of mind to know that she is alright and not alone and helpless {that statement of the baby suffocating absolutely broke my heart!!!}

Happy car rides to all of you!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Invention idea!

I have been known to throw out crazy theories and have some random stupid inventions come to mind that are never worth a darn. However last week while eating out with Charles I had an idea for an invention that I know without a doubt will be on the market one day, even if it's not because of me! I truly believe it will be a life saver as food allergies seem to be on such a rise!

Suffer from food allergies? Can't eat such and such foods because your breastfeed baby has sensitivities? Worry about your kids eating something at school that they are allergic to and thus getting the panic phone call? Worried about not eating Gluten products, Corn, Soy, Nuts, Wheat, Dairy?

Yep. It has to do with food allergies/sensitives...

If only I knew where to even begin!!!! Maybe I'll patent the idea as nothing is out there like it already, and then tell the world about it hoping someone will help me put it into motion???

Am I the only one with crazy ideas??? Of course not. Why else is Baby Einstein around? Or those goofy shopping cart covers {I want one btw}? Or boppy pillows?

So when the day comes that it reaches the market, probably by someone elses' doing, I'll shout to the world that I had that idea and told my husband about it while eating out in Applebee's on Christmas Eve and he laughed at the idea not because it's crazy but because I am! :-) I told him to mark my words, it will be on the market one day.

Back to the drawing boards on how to become a millionaire...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Carseat fiasco!

I've been meaning to post this rant but *gasp* have not had time to sit and properly write it out! I just feel like possibly it could save a life... A little one's life.

Way back when we first found out we were pregnant, I spent hours upon hours upon hours researching which car seat, stroller, wrap, crib, travel bed, etc. to get for our baby to come. I ended up deciding on the Chicco Keyfit 30 after hearing rave reviews from friends and reading all the wonderful safety features it has.

Little Miss was brought home from the hospital in this car seat. We began noticing a pattern though with each outing, the screams. We dreaded taking her anywhere as should would scream, not just a fussy get-me-out-of-here-scream but a blood curtailing scream of life or death scream. We hardly ever took the infant carrier out of the car, instead just took her out of the carrier and either carried her or put her in the Moby wrap to prevent the screams.

It was thanks to the Moby Wrap that I started connecting the dots... The instruction manual for the Moby has a warning section on ways to make sure your little one is safe while being carried in the wrap. One is that baby's chin does not rest on its chest for fear of cutting off airway and suffocating. I began noticing that no matter how we positioned Little Miss in the car seat or changed the base itself, her chin was always resting on her chest.

And then I watched her during a car ride while sitting next to her in the back seat... The first few minutes in the car seat were fine. She would fuss, give up and start drifting off to sleep. This is when it would start. She would awaken from sleep gasping for air in such a startled shock that it would be the heart wrenching screams that would follow. She would scream so much that it would wear her out and she would drift off to sleep again and thus the patter would continue. When I put two and two together we immediately ordered another car seat.

Instead of going with another infant carrier with all the same incline angles, we ordered a convertible that would allow us to manually adjust the incline for her needs. I took the new car seat to the Fire Station for them to install and inspect and was actually told to have Charles recheck it as he did such a fantastic job installing the infant carrier. She is riding pretty now in the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 in Primrose print.

It was such a night and day difference! Now, she'll fuss occasionally but most of the time rides beautifully either asleep or just looking around at what's going on. I still freak out as she's so quiet now in the car that I wonder if she's still breathing! I think it's scarred me for life! It is such night and day difference with her that my heart aches knowing that she suffered in what was supposed to be the safest place for her for 8 weeks! I am just so thankful that she is healthy and alert enough of a baby to indeed scream when she lost air supply. I do not want to even think about what would have happened had she not been healthy enough to cry so she would get oxygen!

So my caution to parents- Instead of believing that you just happen to have a child that hates the car seat and screams every time you go anywhere, make sure they are positioned properly and if not, get a new car seat! It was worth the extra money knowing she's now really truly safe in the car! Yes, some kids do just hate the car seat and that's okay once you have ruled out they are actually breathing properly in it. :-)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

I apologize for my lack of posting- I knew having an infant would be time consuming. What I didn't calculate in there was this whole moving thing too! Unpacking happens pretty much only when Little Miss is asleep, and not on me which is rare. I'm enjoying too much holding her while she's little and lets me. Watching her facial expressions as she dreams of who knows what. Knowing she is safe in her mommy's arms...

This night, we go to bed with a fresh bed of white snow on the ground and new flurries falling. It's beautiful. Her, and my, first White Christmas we will awaken to tomorrow! I'm so very thankful that this Christmas 2010, I have been blessed with the best present ever! Charles and I could not ask for more...

Here is our Little Miss {our nickname for her these days} at her two month home photo shoot! :-) She's such a squirmy worm that it's hard to get a photo without an arm or leg or hand or face blurred out. haha! We absolutely love watching her grow and thrive as she is!


From our family to yours- Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!

Friday, December 10, 2010

What's for dinner?

Needing an idea for something different to cook??? Lost Stork Foundation cookbooks have a collection of 263 recipes so surely you are bound to find something new to try!

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As we countdown to Christmas Day for the cookbook sell off, we also keep those that are still waiting for their bundle in our thoughts and prayers during the particularly hard time of year that the holidays are. Enter over at My Hopeful Journey, her first blog giveaway, a delightful gift set for those going through infertility!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Wanting to be beautiful

I look back on our 4 year infertility struggle and can see how much it impacted my self image. I've never been one that is caught up in fashion or makes sure my hair and makeup are always perfect before going out. Heck, I have never worn makeup unless necessary as it irritates my skin so bad. Although not a fashion diva, I dressed nice. Tried to wear nice clothes. When we first started trying for a baby, I felt womanly. I was excited that I would get to do the most womanly thing on earth. To have a baby. As the years went on, I felt like my womanly nature was absolutely gone. I began wearing t-shirts and jeans/comfy pants only. I should have just been a man for goodness sakes. I couldn't do the one thing God designed women to do, to be a mother. I could have cared less how I looked as it matched how I felt 99.9% of the time.

Throughout my pregnancy I felt beautiful. I certainly did not look it, but I felt it regardless. I was on this high of feeling her move inside me. Knowing this body that I once believed would never function properly for me to experience it, was indeed working as it was designed to. It's crazy. Even though I sprouted hair in places only men should, stretch marks happened, and my voice even dag gum changed, I felt beautiful.

Postpartum, I still feel beautiful- inside. Knowing that my body successfully carried to term a beautiful baby girl and delivered her amazingly puts me right back on cloud 9. I am so in love with being a mommy. I feel absolutely great. I want to feel beautiful outside too but gosh I need help! I want my husband to have "that look" when he looks at me like he did early on in our relationship. I don't want Charles to ever have reason to call me frumpy again. I want this extra hair to go away. The stretch marks I actually am not that bothered by. They remind me of the beautiful pregnancy I had. I want to put on clothes and feel beautiful outside too. I want my uterus to hurry up and get back to normal size so my tummy will stop being so jiggly. I want my hormones to regulate and my skin to clear back up. I know most of this takes time... I'm trying so hard to be patient but it's hard.

So I come asking for my fellow blogger friends, help! What are your tips and tricks for feeling beautiful outside as you do inside?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Couple photos, as requested... :-)

I cannot believe how quickly time is passing by! Can we please press pause and let me soak up a bit longer my baby girl at this age exactly?!

And then we went yesterday to meet Santa Clause for the first time! She could have cared less but gosh darn is she not adorable!?

And that's our Christmas card this year... We've decided she trumps us anyday. haha!