Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Invention idea!

I have been known to throw out crazy theories and have some random stupid inventions come to mind that are never worth a darn. However last week while eating out with Charles I had an idea for an invention that I know without a doubt will be on the market one day, even if it's not because of me! I truly believe it will be a life saver as food allergies seem to be on such a rise!

Suffer from food allergies? Can't eat such and such foods because your breastfeed baby has sensitivities? Worry about your kids eating something at school that they are allergic to and thus getting the panic phone call? Worried about not eating Gluten products, Corn, Soy, Nuts, Wheat, Dairy?

Yep. It has to do with food allergies/sensitives...

If only I knew where to even begin!!!! Maybe I'll patent the idea as nothing is out there like it already, and then tell the world about it hoping someone will help me put it into motion???

Am I the only one with crazy ideas??? Of course not. Why else is Baby Einstein around? Or those goofy shopping cart covers {I want one btw}? Or boppy pillows?

So when the day comes that it reaches the market, probably by someone elses' doing, I'll shout to the world that I had that idea and told my husband about it while eating out in Applebee's on Christmas Eve and he laughed at the idea not because it's crazy but because I am! :-) I told him to mark my words, it will be on the market one day.

Back to the drawing boards on how to become a millionaire...

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