Thursday, December 30, 2010

Clarifying more {carseat fiacso}

I want to say that I greatly appreciate all your comments and hope that even just one mother took a closer look at how her babe sits in their carseat after reading my post.

What I did not want to do is deter anyone from not purchasing Chicco carseats or any other brand really. I believe all infant carseats have the same standard incline that has probably been studied more than once to be the best universal fit for infants from 4lbs to 30 ish lbs hence the weight limits on infant carriers. In saying this, I assume {and was not willing to "test"} that we would have had the same problem regardless of the brand infant carrier we went with which is why we jumped right into the convertible carseat. And as it was pointed out, the seats in vehicles these days are made to be comfortable for adults- not ideally the best when putting in a carseat. Ours was installed properly, even the Fireman who checked it concluded this and complimented my husband's work in doing so.

As I said in the original Carseat Fiasco post, "So my caution to parents- Instead of believing that you just happen to have a child that hates the car seat and screams every time you go anywhere, make sure they are positioned properly and if not, get a new car seat! It was worth the extra money knowing she's now really truly safe in the car! Yes, some kids do just hate the car seat and that's okay once you have ruled out they are actually breathing properly in it. :-)" To take it even further, every baby is different. Every carseat is different. Eventually you will find a good match for your baby. It may take a couple or more attempts but it is well worth it!

And really, I have taken the advice myself to be more than just with carseats. Whenever Little Miss gives off any clue that something is not right I thoroughly check on her and the surroundings before ruling that she's just fussing to fuss.

To answer questions- We were able to return the infant carrier to the store where we originally purchased it and was given store credit due to the circumstances. Little Miss' new carseat is still working beautifully and despite the occasional fuss that happens, she now does not mind car rides and usually just looks around or falls asleep peacefully. I am not as worried about our upcoming trip to Georgia like I was when she was in the infant carrier and am so glad we cancelled our trip we were going to take {while she was still in the infant carrier} in November! I'll still be sitting in the back with her but that's okay for the peace of mind to know that she is alright and not alone and helpless {that statement of the baby suffocating absolutely broke my heart!!!}

Happy car rides to all of you!

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