Thursday, February 28, 2008

Second Job, here I come!!!

I just got back from a wonderful job interview!!! Wanna know where?? Well, GUESS! haha, Just kidding. I won't torture you to make you guess. Instead, I'll make you read a ton of words before I reveal so that way you can ponder on where it may be that I'm super duper excited about working and all those juicy details... Think you've read long enough? Ummmmm... K.

I start MONDAY and I'll be a part-time employee at the Summit YMCA!!!! I will be working Mother's Morning Out! The hours are Mon-Thurs. 8:30am-12:30pm. Yeah, the pay sucks, it's only $9/hr BUT BUT BUT, I get a "Complimentary" membership and Charles gets to go for only $16 a month!!! This is SO a God thing!!! We've been debating about joining or not and then this happens!

For those worrying about the boys, I have two options. One, I can work days I do not have them or two, I can bring Luke with me as it's only a few hours and the activities they do are great. They do swimming (No, I do not have to get in the pool, I supervise while others get in the pool! haha!) every Thursday, various gym activities, and so forth and since they are already members and the boys go to the daycare they will know everyone. I think the nanny folks will be pretty happy with such an option as Luke going for FREE! :-)

There's a great opportunity for future advancement, which is super exciting as well! :-)

So, that's what I'm so excited about. Don't you understand??

Um, second matter of business... We have no clue when anything with the FAA is going to move. Charles found out today that they fired or they quit, but none the less, a bunch of instructors are no longer with the FAA therefore, all the classes scheduled after March 16 have been CANCELLED!!! And no future date has been set as they don't know when more trainers are going to be hired... So, Who knows!!! God is certainly teaching us PATIENCE! I hope we pass!! :-)

Um, last order of business. Jill's tail is doing better already today, of course, AFTER she threw up this morning UNDER OUR BED, yes, UNDER, as in, we had to take off the mattress, move the box springs, and then clean up the puke. Lovely way to start off our morning! I tell ya what, these dogs have been the biggest pain the last few days! Gotta love them though!!! Every now and then her tail will go all the way up as it should but most of the time it's still down. BUT, she's now venturing to sit on it which is exciting, meaning it must not hurt her that much anymore. :-) Yeah!!! So now let's just hope nothing goes wrong tonight and we'll get a wonderful night's sleep!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Cold water tail," "limber tail syndrome," "broken tail," "dead tail," "broken wag"

Ever heard of such a thing?? Yeah, us either!!! This is absolutely hilarious!!!

So, it started yesterday... Charles stayed home from work "sick" while I really was sick. He decides to do some cleaning around the house and then gave Jack a bath. Jill, it takes two. So, we bathe Jill as well and she's such a heffer and it's annoying and that's why they only get baths every so often becuase it's SUCH a chore!! Anyways...

So, last night, she is whinning like crazy and wakes up Charles at like 12:3oam. He's annoyed and thinks it's becuase she has to go outside to use the potty. So he lefts them out... She didn't poop. They come back inside and attempt to go back to sleep. She continues to whimper off and on. Today, he heads off to work while I stay at home (still sick, thanks for asking). I notice her tail is looking funny. It's just limp looking. No life to it like she usually is. She's very waggy with her tail and is always knocking things off the coffee table, knocking the doors, etc. Tonight, Charles gets home and comments that her tail looks weird. So, we assume it's broken. We already are planning on shelling out money when I take her to the vet tomorrow and prepare for the worse, that her tail must be amputated. (How weird would Jill look without her long tail??) So, then we ask "Can a dog break their tail??" So, I google it. (LOVE GOOGLE!) Yes, dogs can break their tails.

However, after looking at all these links I came across, Jill has "Labrador tail" which basically means, when she got the bath, the water was 2-3 degrees off what her body can tolerate and thus her tail went limp. WEIRD huh? Yeah, google it! So, basically she has a hard time sitting as her tail bothers her. Her tail goes straight about 3 inches and then just falls limp. It really is kind of humorous... Sorry to say as I'm sure she's in some kinda pain but that's why we gave her Motrin as we read that anti-inflammatories help with the recovery period.

So, needless to say, we have dogs that have WEIRD things... First Jack with his, "Dietary Indescrition", in other words, he ate a frog and it upset his stomach so he threw up and went diarrhea all night for a day but it ended up costing us like $300 for the vet visit, blood work, x-rays, IV meds, over night stay, and then the bedding they had in the crate at the vets, he ate so they had to do an additional x-ray (on their cost, not mine)

Okay, for those that are still worrying that maybe Jill DID break her tail, I just got off the phone with a vet friend and she has officially put our minds at ease that Jill does indeed have "Cold water tail" or whatever name you wish to use! It takes up to two weeks for it to fully recover so until then, we'll just laugh! :-) Ah, we love our Billy-goat!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I have added a poll which you can find on the left hand column. We will find out for sure which city April 7, 2008 when Charles goes for the day of logistics... :-) Until then, we are all guessing and we are interested in where you all say we will end up!

BTW, you do not have to registar or anything to post or participate in polls, k?? :-) NO excuses!

Friday, February 22, 2008


Yep, you read right. Michigan will soon be our new home... Charles got the interview notice today which has been scheduled for April 7, 2008. Here, they will not only do the interview but all the other aspects at the same time in order to complete the process quicker. So, the track record has been two weeks after the day of logistics you are sent to Oklahoma City for school for the minimum of three months and then off to your facility... So, it looks like he'll be starting Michigan sometime around July/August time frame but of course, that's all likely to change!

So, that's that. So, any thoughts?? Gosh, our life is going to get EXCITING!!!! And by exciting I do believe I mean hectic... :-) Stay with us though for the ride!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Ryan wished to celebrate...

The Birthday Boy and his Chosen place for his Birthday Dinner.

Yes, for each of our birthday's we choose our special birthday dinner. Normally, this consists of mom and dad each cooking us our own selected dinner, not going out. Daniel always gets something sea foodie like crab legs and shirmp or something along those lines that smell absolutely horrible and stinks up the entire house... Charles loves this as I don't cook anything that lives under the sea so it's one of his few opportunities to eat it.

Well, Ryan has decided the last couple of years that he wants to go to Mortons Steakhouse in downtown Atlanta. This is the first year that Charles and I have been invited becuase again, I do not eat this but Charles does. So, I go, relentless as I know it's expensive and do not want to waste money but becuase it's for Ryan's birthday, I go... (See, I DO love you Ryan! haha!)

So, we walk in. It's dad, Jodi, Ryan, Daniel, Charles, and myself (with camera in hand!). I imagine a quiet, romantic, ambiance with tons of windows looking out at the downtown Atl skyline. Boy was I wrong!!! You walk in, it's LOUD, NO windows, and the ratio of man to woman is 10:1. No kidding! It's certainly a MAN'S world!!! So, we start out with a bottle of wine. Do not remember what it was called. Someone refresh me on this, k? It was actually reall good! It did not have a horrible after taste like most of them do.

So, as I'm taking in all this, I remember that I did bring my camera! I whip it out and the load of crap is unloaded upon me! My brothers give me the hardest time as I'm such a "tourist"! haha. Yeah, so? So, I spared myself from taking pictures of EVERYTHING and put away the camera.

My absolute favorite part of the night... Um, it was, hands down, the Lady Godiva Chocolate cupcake!!! Oh my goodness was it absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! My mouth is watering as I just think of it... They served it hot with a scoop of vanilla icecream along side. YUM YUM YUM! It's worth going back if only for that!

So, Ryan was not able to be embarrassed by some cheesey restaurant employee singing happy birthday but still, he claims he had a good time. Good.

1. Ryan and dad were NOT urinating in the corner... Ryan was pouting!
2. Charles and Dad "looking cool"
3. Daniel posing.
4. Dad and Jodi.
5. Me and Charles goofin'.

And for more pictures, check out Piczo under the appropriate name! :-)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday RYAN!!!!

Ready? And a 1, and a 2, and a Happy Birthday to you... Happy birthday to YOU... Happy BIRTHDAY to Youuuuuuuuuu... Happy Birthday to YYYYYYYYYYOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!

I know, my singing is the absolute best! Have a lovely day Ryan!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Check out PICZO people!

Since I'm addicted to these high tech things, I not only have a blog but also a piczo account! :-) Yes, believe it. Check it out for a lot more pics, k?

It's exciting stuff!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Doggie Heaven

Here is Dakota (Jodi's Dog who was late entering the family), Brutus (Ryan and dad's dog), and Lil Bit (Daniel and before they divorced, mom's dog). Can't you see the love between Brutus and Bit?? They're like an old married couple... haha!

I like to believe there is such a thing as Doggie Heaven. They are some great creatures that God has given us the privilage of enjoying life with everyday. I come about this post as today, a great dog has officially entered Doggie Heaven today. Brutus died late morning today while Ryan was trying to get him to the vet. He lived a long life... He was 11 years old, which for a big dog such a he, puts him to be about 88-99 years old.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Four more lists

So, if you have not already figured out that we have absolutely NO idea where we are going to end up, Charles has been put on FOUR more lists today!!!!

1. Champagin, Illinois
2. East St. Louis, Illinois
3. Arizona
4. Nebraska

So, any of THESE places sound good?? haha. Still waiting for a solid interview from one of these places though... I won't add a state photo from each place as that would take up too much room for such a little post.

Hey, maybe we should have a running poll on where peole believe we are going to end up? haha.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!

YIPPEE!!! HORRAY!!!! WAHOO!!!! I am SO proud of myself! I not only PASSED my horrible "Research and Statistics" class but I pulled a B out of that class!!!!!! YIPPEE!!! Now my GPA can remain above a 3.0! :-)

On a side note, Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!! As you can see, the picture is well fitted as Swans "pair for life" and I have found MY life partner!!!!!

On a list little good note for the day... Brutus is doing WONDERFUL! :-) He had an absess that has resolved it's own and is on meds now to fully recover but he's no longer looking like he's on his death bed! Yeah!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can be a Las Vegas Show girl!!!

Charles has officially been put on the list for Nevada! They are in DESPERATE need in Las Vegas and the state of Colorado in particular. So, think I could pass as a Show Girl?? LOL Ah, who knows where we will actually end up!! But to do a little more updating... We found out that he was on the list to be scheduled for an interview but in order to be considered for Atlanta, he had to deny whatever the position was (they could not/would not tell him where) and so we gambled and did just that. But we have learned a lesson... Do not deny any prospective job interviews/offers! We're just so ready to hear something! Know when he's gonna head out to training for who knows how long depending on the position.

Oh a side note, I learned something today. Wanna know what? Well, I learned that I do not have the patience nor the skill to sew. As in needle point stuff. Yeah, I figured with this week break I wanted to "relax" and do something I have not had the time to do before. So, I picked up the "beginners" kit I purchsed so long ago and decided I was going to sew. It's so pretty too! It is a whole wedding theme that is personable to include your names and wedding date. I really wish I could do it... So I spent like two hours in the prep process. First, I taped the edges of the cloth as directed. Remember, it is beginner stuff... I then took precious time to seperate all the colors and arrange them in the order of their needing to be used. After all the prep work was complete, I picked my first color and seperated to a single thread. :-) I made a whole like six stitches when I made the biggest knot! I tried to get it un-knotted and guess what I did...I broke the string and STILL had the stupid knot! UGH. I proceeded to stitch when this happened again. That's when I said, "Forget it!" and put it away. Figured it'll go with the rest of the Garage Sale stuff in the garage...

So since the needle point did not work, I decided to go for something I KNOW how to do. I baked Ryan and Daniel each their own birthday cake. *Shhh! I have not given it to them yet!* One for Daniel for his already past Birthday that dad made the cake and I got a rasion of crap for not doing and one for Ryan's Birthday coming up in a week. So there, I got two birds with one stone or whatever that saying is. Now, I felt productive... :-)

That was my day... What shall I try tomorrow?? haha!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I get to breathe!!!!

I finished my horrible 'Research and Statistics' class yesterday and am crossing everything I have to pass that class! It was hard as stinking crap!!!! It is ranked right up there with my other two math classes I took previously. I have been SO stressed out with this class too... My body has gone bizzarks on me! I'm hoping since I do not have to start another class until a week from today, I will get some much needed R & R. :-) That's my plan anyways!

So other then school, Charles and I have done some much needed talking and making up a plan of action for our "getting healthy" lifestyle we are on! :-) YEAH! We are going to join a gym, not sure if the 24-hour one with only equipment and free weights or the YMCA with all the classes and stuff in addition to the usual equipment and weights... I'm thinking the YMCA as I'll be more likely to take the classes. :-) I'm sick and tired of fad diets so we're just trying to eat sensably to include staying away from sweets and white stuff and incorporating more veggies and fruits in our everyday diets along with our usual lean meats. I'm excited about this. Making such important lifestyle changes will assist us in the long run for numerous amounts of things, my top priorty is getting PCOS under control and all those additional side effects that must follow that.

I actually had a Doctors appointment for a "follow-up" that included another ultrasound and a Progesterone test. Well, the ultrasound showed a very healthy endometrial lining (7.9mm) and actually looked like I was ovulating on my own. However when the blood work came back for my progesterone (0.5) levels, there is no way I ovulated yet (this was 39 days into my cycle). What looked like ovulation had occured was actually a cyst that burst that did not release an egg... Lovely. After doing much research via internet, I learned that those with PCOS are at a much higher risk of developing endometrial cancer as being estrogen dominance that we are it bulids up the endometrial lining and since there is not enough progesterone to release an egg which in turn leads to menstration (that sheds the lining to start back from ground zero) 12-16 days following the eggs release, the estrogen continues to build up and raises the chance of cancer. BTW, PCOS not only increases ones risk for certain cancers but also Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and a whole gambet more! It's an evil circle... So, with this knowledge in hand, I want to do whatever I can to break the circle! If that means throwing all my old habits out the window and picking up healthier ones, so be it! I do not want to be stupid now and die of something I could have possibly prevented due to laziness. It was an eye opener for sure! Hence the getting healthy lifestyle changes. :-) Catch on to that??

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ready for yet another curve ball??

Given up? Well, we found out today that Charles has been put on the list for Georgia with the FAA Air Traffic Control position! We just found out but he has been on the list since January 25, 2008! So, we very well may end up remaining right where we are... How funny is life or what! This would be an ideal situation though as the FAA does not pay for any relocation assistance when first entering the field but will for subsequent moves. So, no pressure to sell our house immediately but we still wish to sell it. We really are dumbfounded with it all... So, who knows where we will actually end up!! Just keep checking back to remain updated with the whirlwind of a ride we're on! :-)