Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I get to breathe!!!!

I finished my horrible 'Research and Statistics' class yesterday and am crossing everything I have to pass that class! It was hard as stinking crap!!!! It is ranked right up there with my other two math classes I took previously. I have been SO stressed out with this class too... My body has gone bizzarks on me! I'm hoping since I do not have to start another class until a week from today, I will get some much needed R & R. :-) That's my plan anyways!

So other then school, Charles and I have done some much needed talking and making up a plan of action for our "getting healthy" lifestyle we are on! :-) YEAH! We are going to join a gym, not sure if the 24-hour one with only equipment and free weights or the YMCA with all the classes and stuff in addition to the usual equipment and weights... I'm thinking the YMCA as I'll be more likely to take the classes. :-) I'm sick and tired of fad diets so we're just trying to eat sensably to include staying away from sweets and white stuff and incorporating more veggies and fruits in our everyday diets along with our usual lean meats. I'm excited about this. Making such important lifestyle changes will assist us in the long run for numerous amounts of things, my top priorty is getting PCOS under control and all those additional side effects that must follow that.

I actually had a Doctors appointment for a "follow-up" that included another ultrasound and a Progesterone test. Well, the ultrasound showed a very healthy endometrial lining (7.9mm) and actually looked like I was ovulating on my own. However when the blood work came back for my progesterone (0.5) levels, there is no way I ovulated yet (this was 39 days into my cycle). What looked like ovulation had occured was actually a cyst that burst that did not release an egg... Lovely. After doing much research via internet, I learned that those with PCOS are at a much higher risk of developing endometrial cancer as being estrogen dominance that we are it bulids up the endometrial lining and since there is not enough progesterone to release an egg which in turn leads to menstration (that sheds the lining to start back from ground zero) 12-16 days following the eggs release, the estrogen continues to build up and raises the chance of cancer. BTW, PCOS not only increases ones risk for certain cancers but also Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and a whole gambet more! It's an evil circle... So, with this knowledge in hand, I want to do whatever I can to break the circle! If that means throwing all my old habits out the window and picking up healthier ones, so be it! I do not want to be stupid now and die of something I could have possibly prevented due to laziness. It was an eye opener for sure! Hence the getting healthy lifestyle changes. :-) Catch on to that??

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