Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I can be a Las Vegas Show girl!!!

Charles has officially been put on the list for Nevada! They are in DESPERATE need in Las Vegas and the state of Colorado in particular. So, think I could pass as a Show Girl?? LOL Ah, who knows where we will actually end up!! But to do a little more updating... We found out that he was on the list to be scheduled for an interview but in order to be considered for Atlanta, he had to deny whatever the position was (they could not/would not tell him where) and so we gambled and did just that. But we have learned a lesson... Do not deny any prospective job interviews/offers! We're just so ready to hear something! Know when he's gonna head out to training for who knows how long depending on the position.

Oh a side note, I learned something today. Wanna know what? Well, I learned that I do not have the patience nor the skill to sew. As in needle point stuff. Yeah, I figured with this week break I wanted to "relax" and do something I have not had the time to do before. So, I picked up the "beginners" kit I purchsed so long ago and decided I was going to sew. It's so pretty too! It is a whole wedding theme that is personable to include your names and wedding date. I really wish I could do it... So I spent like two hours in the prep process. First, I taped the edges of the cloth as directed. Remember, it is beginner stuff... I then took precious time to seperate all the colors and arrange them in the order of their needing to be used. After all the prep work was complete, I picked my first color and seperated to a single thread. :-) I made a whole like six stitches when I made the biggest knot! I tried to get it un-knotted and guess what I did...I broke the string and STILL had the stupid knot! UGH. I proceeded to stitch when this happened again. That's when I said, "Forget it!" and put it away. Figured it'll go with the rest of the Garage Sale stuff in the garage...

So since the needle point did not work, I decided to go for something I KNOW how to do. I baked Ryan and Daniel each their own birthday cake. *Shhh! I have not given it to them yet!* One for Daniel for his already past Birthday that dad made the cake and I got a rasion of crap for not doing and one for Ryan's Birthday coming up in a week. So there, I got two birds with one stone or whatever that saying is. Now, I felt productive... :-)

That was my day... What shall I try tomorrow?? haha!

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