Thursday, February 28, 2008

Second Job, here I come!!!

I just got back from a wonderful job interview!!! Wanna know where?? Well, GUESS! haha, Just kidding. I won't torture you to make you guess. Instead, I'll make you read a ton of words before I reveal so that way you can ponder on where it may be that I'm super duper excited about working and all those juicy details... Think you've read long enough? Ummmmm... K.

I start MONDAY and I'll be a part-time employee at the Summit YMCA!!!! I will be working Mother's Morning Out! The hours are Mon-Thurs. 8:30am-12:30pm. Yeah, the pay sucks, it's only $9/hr BUT BUT BUT, I get a "Complimentary" membership and Charles gets to go for only $16 a month!!! This is SO a God thing!!! We've been debating about joining or not and then this happens!

For those worrying about the boys, I have two options. One, I can work days I do not have them or two, I can bring Luke with me as it's only a few hours and the activities they do are great. They do swimming (No, I do not have to get in the pool, I supervise while others get in the pool! haha!) every Thursday, various gym activities, and so forth and since they are already members and the boys go to the daycare they will know everyone. I think the nanny folks will be pretty happy with such an option as Luke going for FREE! :-)

There's a great opportunity for future advancement, which is super exciting as well! :-)

So, that's what I'm so excited about. Don't you understand??

Um, second matter of business... We have no clue when anything with the FAA is going to move. Charles found out today that they fired or they quit, but none the less, a bunch of instructors are no longer with the FAA therefore, all the classes scheduled after March 16 have been CANCELLED!!! And no future date has been set as they don't know when more trainers are going to be hired... So, Who knows!!! God is certainly teaching us PATIENCE! I hope we pass!! :-)

Um, last order of business. Jill's tail is doing better already today, of course, AFTER she threw up this morning UNDER OUR BED, yes, UNDER, as in, we had to take off the mattress, move the box springs, and then clean up the puke. Lovely way to start off our morning! I tell ya what, these dogs have been the biggest pain the last few days! Gotta love them though!!! Every now and then her tail will go all the way up as it should but most of the time it's still down. BUT, she's now venturing to sit on it which is exciting, meaning it must not hurt her that much anymore. :-) Yeah!!! So now let's just hope nothing goes wrong tonight and we'll get a wonderful night's sleep!!!

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