Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Ryan wished to celebrate...

The Birthday Boy and his Chosen place for his Birthday Dinner.

Yes, for each of our birthday's we choose our special birthday dinner. Normally, this consists of mom and dad each cooking us our own selected dinner, not going out. Daniel always gets something sea foodie like crab legs and shirmp or something along those lines that smell absolutely horrible and stinks up the entire house... Charles loves this as I don't cook anything that lives under the sea so it's one of his few opportunities to eat it.

Well, Ryan has decided the last couple of years that he wants to go to Mortons Steakhouse in downtown Atlanta. This is the first year that Charles and I have been invited becuase again, I do not eat this but Charles does. So, I go, relentless as I know it's expensive and do not want to waste money but becuase it's for Ryan's birthday, I go... (See, I DO love you Ryan! haha!)

So, we walk in. It's dad, Jodi, Ryan, Daniel, Charles, and myself (with camera in hand!). I imagine a quiet, romantic, ambiance with tons of windows looking out at the downtown Atl skyline. Boy was I wrong!!! You walk in, it's LOUD, NO windows, and the ratio of man to woman is 10:1. No kidding! It's certainly a MAN'S world!!! So, we start out with a bottle of wine. Do not remember what it was called. Someone refresh me on this, k? It was actually reall good! It did not have a horrible after taste like most of them do.

So, as I'm taking in all this, I remember that I did bring my camera! I whip it out and the load of crap is unloaded upon me! My brothers give me the hardest time as I'm such a "tourist"! haha. Yeah, so? So, I spared myself from taking pictures of EVERYTHING and put away the camera.

My absolute favorite part of the night... Um, it was, hands down, the Lady Godiva Chocolate cupcake!!! Oh my goodness was it absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! My mouth is watering as I just think of it... They served it hot with a scoop of vanilla icecream along side. YUM YUM YUM! It's worth going back if only for that!

So, Ryan was not able to be embarrassed by some cheesey restaurant employee singing happy birthday but still, he claims he had a good time. Good.

1. Ryan and dad were NOT urinating in the corner... Ryan was pouting!
2. Charles and Dad "looking cool"
3. Daniel posing.
4. Dad and Jodi.
5. Me and Charles goofin'.

And for more pictures, check out Piczo under the appropriate name! :-)

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