Saturday, August 18, 2012

No more treatments. I said it.

After oh so much prayer and talk and thought, we've decided not to pursue any further fertility treatments to expand our family.

I'm relieved yet disappointed.

We no longer have just the two of us to consider but our Little Miss that needs us. 

Needs me.

Treatments increase the risk of cancer.

She needs me here. Now.  Not a biological sibling.

We can grow our family through adoption.

Treatments come with side effects.

I don't need to be bedridden due to Follistim OHSS.

Or maybe the good Lord is going to open my womb up again to indeed another biological child?

I love the idea of not having my ovaries swollen with follicles for an IUI cycle just to have it cancelled on Charles' birthday because I've "over responded" then left to deal with the horrid OHSS symptoms.

That, oddly enough, happened exactly three years ago tomorrow.

I love the idea of not having to have my uterus unnaturally secured for an IUI to take place. 

To not having trans vaginal ultrasounds 12 times in a single cycle.

My veins will thank me for not having them stuck 20905 times in a single cycle.

Charles is excited he doesn't have to step foot into a room to give a sample again.

And to think.  All that and that's not even how we got our Little Miss!

Our miracle baby.  :-)

Oh, but we're still 100% trying for a baby!

Back to Vitex, Pregnitude, acupuncture, diet, exercise, and whatever other natural remedies I come across!

I get to use the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor I was graciously gifted!

I am still charting my temperature and all other fertility signs.

Still excited to add to our family.

Hopeful I'll get to experience pregnancy again.

But even more hopeful that we will pursue adoption in the near future.

Praying on that one.


Lots of mixed emotions!

Had I not known what I know now {aka- had we not gone through infertility to get Little Miss}, we probably would move forward with fertility treatments. 

I feel defeated going that route before even starting though, so surely that is not a good sign...

Anyone out there that used fertility treatments to conceive each of their children?  How do you emotionally and physically handle treatments while caring for your other children?  Treatment cycles were always psychologically draining for me.  How do you handle that while still be there for your current family?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Pregnitude Update

This has been the number one Google directed search for my blog, beating Tonsil Stones!  Who knew myo-inositol would be such a hit!  :-)

Time for Good News/Bad News!

Bad News- Jumping in with the full dosage gave me serious headaches for the entire week I took it before quitting all together.

Good News- Half a dose for two weeks did not give me a headache so I bumped it up to full dose and no random headaches!

Bad News- When I overindulge in sweets, I get a headache.  Must have something to do with the insulin levels...

Good News- It keeps me from overindulging in sweets.

Bad News- You have to stir really really well.

Good News- It has zero taste.  Though I take it with Vitex tincture so I just taste the nasty Vitex.

Bad News- Supplements are expensive.

Good News- I ovulated!

Bad News- Realllllly long cycle and I ran out of OPKs before hitting Ovulation.  Boo.

Good News- It appears as though the 100mg of B6 and Vitex are working!  My Luteal Phase is lengthened!

Bad News- Pregnancy this cycle doesn't look promising.

Good News- This was just my first full cycle on Pregnitude so I'm hopeful for next cycle!

Bad News- Supplements are expensive.  Seriously.

Good News- A Baby is priceless!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The best of Parenting

I am absolutely amazed at our Little Miss!  Daily.  Daily she is changing.  Daily she is saying a new word, or few.  Daily her little personality is bursting.  Daily she is changing.

I'm so very blessed to be the one to witness these daily occurrences.  Blessed that Charles is the bread winner for our family.  Blessed that infertility opened my eyes and I treasure each little thing maybe just a tad more than I would have had we conceived on that first cycle trying.

This past week, we were at my in-laws house helping out my mother in law who two weeks ago had knee replacement surgery.  Ouch!  I found myself saying one key phrase multiple times-

"Do not lick the dogs nose!"

Really?!  Licking the dogs nose?  Gross!  Hilarious!

My mother in law was beside herself trying to keep the dogs from Little Miss' face yet the very next moment Little Miss is invading their personal space and licking their nose.

Oh geez....

This girl cracks me up something fierce!

"Don't pull my hair with your toes!"

Yep.  Words straight from my mouth.

She learned this week that she can use her toes to pull my hair...  Nice.  Just like her Pops, my dad.  He always was using his toes to pinch us or grab something with them.  I guess it's genetic.  :-)

I really should write down these never-thought-I'd-say-sentences.