Thursday, August 9, 2012

The best of Parenting

I am absolutely amazed at our Little Miss!  Daily.  Daily she is changing.  Daily she is saying a new word, or few.  Daily her little personality is bursting.  Daily she is changing.

I'm so very blessed to be the one to witness these daily occurrences.  Blessed that Charles is the bread winner for our family.  Blessed that infertility opened my eyes and I treasure each little thing maybe just a tad more than I would have had we conceived on that first cycle trying.

This past week, we were at my in-laws house helping out my mother in law who two weeks ago had knee replacement surgery.  Ouch!  I found myself saying one key phrase multiple times-

"Do not lick the dogs nose!"

Really?!  Licking the dogs nose?  Gross!  Hilarious!

My mother in law was beside herself trying to keep the dogs from Little Miss' face yet the very next moment Little Miss is invading their personal space and licking their nose.

Oh geez....

This girl cracks me up something fierce!

"Don't pull my hair with your toes!"

Yep.  Words straight from my mouth.

She learned this week that she can use her toes to pull my hair...  Nice.  Just like her Pops, my dad.  He always was using his toes to pinch us or grab something with them.  I guess it's genetic.  :-)

I really should write down these never-thought-I'd-say-sentences.

1 comment: said...

write them down! or tell people the stories or you'll forget :)

My husband and I still quote things Elizabeth has said over the years, it still makes us laugh, and she's 5 now and doesn't believe she'd say or do those things