Friday, August 10, 2012

Pregnitude Update

This has been the number one Google directed search for my blog, beating Tonsil Stones!  Who knew myo-inositol would be such a hit!  :-)

Time for Good News/Bad News!

Bad News- Jumping in with the full dosage gave me serious headaches for the entire week I took it before quitting all together.

Good News- Half a dose for two weeks did not give me a headache so I bumped it up to full dose and no random headaches!

Bad News- When I overindulge in sweets, I get a headache.  Must have something to do with the insulin levels...

Good News- It keeps me from overindulging in sweets.

Bad News- You have to stir really really well.

Good News- It has zero taste.  Though I take it with Vitex tincture so I just taste the nasty Vitex.

Bad News- Supplements are expensive.

Good News- I ovulated!

Bad News- Realllllly long cycle and I ran out of OPKs before hitting Ovulation.  Boo.

Good News- It appears as though the 100mg of B6 and Vitex are working!  My Luteal Phase is lengthened!

Bad News- Pregnancy this cycle doesn't look promising.

Good News- This was just my first full cycle on Pregnitude so I'm hopeful for next cycle!

Bad News- Supplements are expensive.  Seriously.

Good News- A Baby is priceless!

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sara said...

Wish you the best! i am on my first cycle of pregnitude now -- only about 5 days in... about mixing the powder. use room temp water and it mixes easily. another suggestion to really make sure it all dissolves is to put it in a bottle and shake it up. :) works great! ill be looking forward to your updates! take care