Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime has long been a favorite for parents across the world.  The ending to a day, fun or busy.  The best part though are the snuggles that reassure all is well.

For the last week, Little Miss has been quite the performer at bedtime.  Tonight set the standard even higher.

7:30pm- Head to her bed and lay down with her to nurse her to sleep.  The following occurs.

"Boat" {while signing boat}.
I sing her new favorite song, "row row row your boat"'
So I sing her the little song I made up just for her.
Practicing signing mama, dada, grandma, and grandpa on her and I.
"Baby" {while signing baby and then time for Baby Signing Time}
We'll watch Baby Signing Time tomorrow.  It's night-night time.
*quiet moment as she turns over.  Lasts half a second.*
"Pretty" {pointing to the flowers on her throw pillow}
Yes, it is pretty.
"Pretty" {pointing to her toes that have faded green nail polish on them}
Yes, very pretty.
Jack's downstairs, asleep.
*Lays down and lets me pat her back for a whole 10 seconds this time.*
{I pick her up and begin swaying}
She gives me kisses and then Eskimo kisses and then butterfly kisses.
Giggles fade and she snuggles in.
*This lasts about a minute*
"Bird" {while signing bird and pointing outside}
Yep, birds outside.  Asleep.
"Bird" {singing bird and pointing to her quilt}
Yep.  Birds on your quilt, and pillow case, and lamp, and artwork.
"Chicken" {Signing chicken}
Chicken is asleep.
"Horse" {signing horse}
Good job.  Neigh.
"Hold me" {in the sweetest possible voice ever!}
Of course mommy will hold you.
*2 minutes*
Begins kicking and saying "Fish".
Yep, you're practicing swimming like a little fish.  Good job!
*I contain my giggles to a minimum while she releases all this final energy*
She pushes off me, stares at me, leans in.....LICKS my nose!
Eruption of giggles on my part and hers!
Then she licks my forehead. Arm. Leg. Knee. Toes. Ears.
Giggles for a good 20 minutes.
"ninny" {signing milk}
Of course I'll nurse you to sleep my precious baby girl as this too shall pass.

Out like a light at precisely 8:15pm.

The best bedtime routine, ever!

This whole signing stuff is awesome!  She's so proud of herself that she wants to sign all the time.  I really see us continuing on for the long haul and hopefully it'll be a full time second language that she can use to befriend someone that has to communicate with sign language!

Anyone else have a signing family?  What are your experiences, good and bad?  What is your favorite part of the bedtime routine??

Friday, July 20, 2012

Future Personal Trainer Perhaps?

What do you think?

After 'cising' she went straight down for a nap!

Good line up of events I'd say!

Repeat tomorrow?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our 4th of July Celebration

Parade and water. Too much fun for one day I think! 

Horses!  Right there!  Horses! It's her favorite animal, tied with dogs, birds, owls, and cats.

"Hi horses" {Doing the Queen's wave in the Queen City}

Signing more to see more horses

What's next?!

Pudgy baby feet with her insisted upon painted toe nails.  She even picked a good color for July 4th! No worries, it's a safe nail polish.  :-)

Watering the grass.  Uh, you missed baby...

Watering her mouth.  Gross.

I love that little girl!

What'cha doing doggie?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Wait and see"

I write this post in hopes someone out there has "been there, done that" and can offer up some sort of possible outcome.

Anyone with an infant who presented with hypo and hyper pigmented spots that seemed to spread with age?

Her pediatrician back in Missouri had no clue so referred us to a pediatric dermatologist who basically said if it spreads to come back as we were in a "wait and see" stage.

They spread.

We moved.

New pediatrician.

He has no clue.

Dermatologist appointment number 2 tomorrow.

Things like neurofibromatosis, vitiligo, or mosaicism of the skin have been suggested.  After all my research, I do not believe she has NF or vitiligo.  Mosaicism could still be but with it spreading, I don't think so.

The great thing though that narrows down the possibilities is her fantastic development!  She's exceeded just about every developmental milestone.  Heck, she was walking at 8.5 months!

I told Charles that I feel like we need to push the Dr for some sort of answer and not this "wait and see" stuff as if it is something more that requires treatments, the earlier the better...

It is in this exact moment that I'm so very grateful we have not vaccinated her.... What if it is something more, what type of reaction would happen within her body?  For us.  For now.  Non-vaxing gives us a peace of mind.  Funny how that goes huh?

So again, I share with the hopes that someone out there in the world wide web has had the same experience and would share their experience with hypo and hyper pigmented spots.......

Monday, July 9, 2012

Overly hopeful

We've been pretty good about our Gluten/Dairy/Soy free eating despite the extremely high grocery bill each week.  {Who knew eating healthy would be like triple the cost of eating crap?!  That seems so backwards...}  And we've gone deeper and are on a Candida Diet.  That's disgusting!

We've been exercising a few days a week to Power90.  Ouch.  The rest of the time Little Miss is our "trainer" as she refuses to just be.  :-)  Which is a good thing.  I love exploring the world through her eyes and seeing things as she sees them, often, for the first time!

In saying all that, I'll throw in that I'm currently on day 13 of my 4th cycle after a really long lactational amenorrhea.

On day like 2 I began taking Pregnitude, again.  I stopped it as the recommended dosage was giving me headaches.  I decided to try half the dose and wal-lah, no headaches!  So the positive is the box will last me double the time!  :-)  I've got no doubt I'll still receive some benefit from it due to my extremely sensitive body, I only need partial dosages to receive full benefit.

I also started taking B6 50mg to help with a luteal phase defect along with my lovely Folguard {though I plan to ask the RE for a Rx for Metanx for the MTHFR} and Red Raspberry Leaf until ovulation with the standard soy free Prenatal and Vitamin D3.  I'll start Baby Aspirin again after ovulation has been confirmed.

Yep.  That's a lot to swallow {no pun intended}.  :-)  When I got pregnant with Little Miss I was taking Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaf, Armour Thyroid once every 4 days and then just quit mid cycle, baby aspirin, Flintstones multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Calcium and Magnesium supplements.  Still a lot.

So today, cycle day 13, around 2:45pm I had some crazy ovulation type pains on my left side begin out of no where!  They lasted for about an hour very strong and then the right side started hurting but not nearly as intense.  This evening it's hardly noticeable.  I took an OPK at 9pm and not the faintest of lines can be seen so either I did ovulate, though who am I kidding...  Me. ovulate. cycle day 13?  I never have that early even on medications!! Or my ovaries are fooling me.  It's probably the latter.  One can hope, right?  Now to watch my temp the next couple of days!

I'm optimistic despite convincing myself Little Miss should be an only child...  Maybe it's my way of preparing for a long fertility struggle, again?

Did I mention she suddenly is wanting to nurse more these days than when she was oh, a year old?!?!  It's insane!  I can only attribute it to separation anxiety and cutting two year molars...  I really am playing with the idea of night weaning.  Any tips???