Monday, July 9, 2012

Overly hopeful

We've been pretty good about our Gluten/Dairy/Soy free eating despite the extremely high grocery bill each week.  {Who knew eating healthy would be like triple the cost of eating crap?!  That seems so backwards...}  And we've gone deeper and are on a Candida Diet.  That's disgusting!

We've been exercising a few days a week to Power90.  Ouch.  The rest of the time Little Miss is our "trainer" as she refuses to just be.  :-)  Which is a good thing.  I love exploring the world through her eyes and seeing things as she sees them, often, for the first time!

In saying all that, I'll throw in that I'm currently on day 13 of my 4th cycle after a really long lactational amenorrhea.

On day like 2 I began taking Pregnitude, again.  I stopped it as the recommended dosage was giving me headaches.  I decided to try half the dose and wal-lah, no headaches!  So the positive is the box will last me double the time!  :-)  I've got no doubt I'll still receive some benefit from it due to my extremely sensitive body, I only need partial dosages to receive full benefit.

I also started taking B6 50mg to help with a luteal phase defect along with my lovely Folguard {though I plan to ask the RE for a Rx for Metanx for the MTHFR} and Red Raspberry Leaf until ovulation with the standard soy free Prenatal and Vitamin D3.  I'll start Baby Aspirin again after ovulation has been confirmed.

Yep.  That's a lot to swallow {no pun intended}.  :-)  When I got pregnant with Little Miss I was taking Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaf, Armour Thyroid once every 4 days and then just quit mid cycle, baby aspirin, Flintstones multivitamin, Vitamin D3, Calcium and Magnesium supplements.  Still a lot.

So today, cycle day 13, around 2:45pm I had some crazy ovulation type pains on my left side begin out of no where!  They lasted for about an hour very strong and then the right side started hurting but not nearly as intense.  This evening it's hardly noticeable.  I took an OPK at 9pm and not the faintest of lines can be seen so either I did ovulate, though who am I kidding...  Me. ovulate. cycle day 13?  I never have that early even on medications!! Or my ovaries are fooling me.  It's probably the latter.  One can hope, right?  Now to watch my temp the next couple of days!

I'm optimistic despite convincing myself Little Miss should be an only child...  Maybe it's my way of preparing for a long fertility struggle, again?

Did I mention she suddenly is wanting to nurse more these days than when she was oh, a year old?!?!  It's insane!  I can only attribute it to separation anxiety and cutting two year molars...  I really am playing with the idea of night weaning.  Any tips???


Emms said...

When we night weaned K would have to go in when she woke up instead of me. He started by taking milk in, then switched it to water after she got used to it being daddy and not me. Then we stopped taking water in at the early wakings. It actually went better than I expected.
Good luck on that and ttc!

Holly Hansen said...

I think it's a really good idea to switch your prescription from Folgard since it contains synthetic folic acid, which you cannot properly metabolize.