Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Wait and see"

I write this post in hopes someone out there has "been there, done that" and can offer up some sort of possible outcome.

Anyone with an infant who presented with hypo and hyper pigmented spots that seemed to spread with age?

Her pediatrician back in Missouri had no clue so referred us to a pediatric dermatologist who basically said if it spreads to come back as we were in a "wait and see" stage.

They spread.

We moved.

New pediatrician.

He has no clue.

Dermatologist appointment number 2 tomorrow.

Things like neurofibromatosis, vitiligo, or mosaicism of the skin have been suggested.  After all my research, I do not believe she has NF or vitiligo.  Mosaicism could still be but with it spreading, I don't think so.

The great thing though that narrows down the possibilities is her fantastic development!  She's exceeded just about every developmental milestone.  Heck, she was walking at 8.5 months!

I told Charles that I feel like we need to push the Dr for some sort of answer and not this "wait and see" stuff as if it is something more that requires treatments, the earlier the better...

It is in this exact moment that I'm so very grateful we have not vaccinated her.... What if it is something more, what type of reaction would happen within her body?  For us.  For now.  Non-vaxing gives us a peace of mind.  Funny how that goes huh?

So again, I share with the hopes that someone out there in the world wide web has had the same experience and would share their experience with hypo and hyper pigmented spots.......


Shannon said...

Hello - long time reader, first time commenter. :)

I would love to see a photo to know exactly what it looks like. My daughter was born with a nevus, which is basically a large birthmark. Hers is on her face and has been treated with lasers to lighten. Nevus's can change with age and new one's can appear as your child gets older. Maybe Google nevus and see if it looks anything like that. Without a photo there's so much on the Internet that I couldn't say for certain. Good luck with your appointments.

Emms said...

I have no ideas, but wanted to say I hope you get it all figured out soon. It's so hard to not know what is going on with you little one.

Ginny21 said...

I have mild "Tinea Versicolor," which is like a yeast rash, the spots move and grow depending on the climate and humidity. It's not contagious or life threatening, and it's easily treated. Perhaps that could be it? Here's a good website. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0002436/
My spots aren't as abundant as some of the pictures. Good Luck!