Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bedtime Routine

Bedtime has long been a favorite for parents across the world.  The ending to a day, fun or busy.  The best part though are the snuggles that reassure all is well.

For the last week, Little Miss has been quite the performer at bedtime.  Tonight set the standard even higher.

7:30pm- Head to her bed and lay down with her to nurse her to sleep.  The following occurs.

"Boat" {while signing boat}.
I sing her new favorite song, "row row row your boat"'
So I sing her the little song I made up just for her.
Practicing signing mama, dada, grandma, and grandpa on her and I.
"Baby" {while signing baby and then time for Baby Signing Time}
We'll watch Baby Signing Time tomorrow.  It's night-night time.
*quiet moment as she turns over.  Lasts half a second.*
"Pretty" {pointing to the flowers on her throw pillow}
Yes, it is pretty.
"Pretty" {pointing to her toes that have faded green nail polish on them}
Yes, very pretty.
Jack's downstairs, asleep.
*Lays down and lets me pat her back for a whole 10 seconds this time.*
{I pick her up and begin swaying}
She gives me kisses and then Eskimo kisses and then butterfly kisses.
Giggles fade and she snuggles in.
*This lasts about a minute*
"Bird" {while signing bird and pointing outside}
Yep, birds outside.  Asleep.
"Bird" {singing bird and pointing to her quilt}
Yep.  Birds on your quilt, and pillow case, and lamp, and artwork.
"Chicken" {Signing chicken}
Chicken is asleep.
"Horse" {signing horse}
Good job.  Neigh.
"Hold me" {in the sweetest possible voice ever!}
Of course mommy will hold you.
*2 minutes*
Begins kicking and saying "Fish".
Yep, you're practicing swimming like a little fish.  Good job!
*I contain my giggles to a minimum while she releases all this final energy*
She pushes off me, stares at me, leans in.....LICKS my nose!
Eruption of giggles on my part and hers!
Then she licks my forehead. Arm. Leg. Knee. Toes. Ears.
Giggles for a good 20 minutes.
"ninny" {signing milk}
Of course I'll nurse you to sleep my precious baby girl as this too shall pass.

Out like a light at precisely 8:15pm.

The best bedtime routine, ever!

This whole signing stuff is awesome!  She's so proud of herself that she wants to sign all the time.  I really see us continuing on for the long haul and hopefully it'll be a full time second language that she can use to befriend someone that has to communicate with sign language!

Anyone else have a signing family?  What are your experiences, good and bad?  What is your favorite part of the bedtime routine??

3 comments: said...

How sweet! What a smart girl!!

When E was little we'd have to, HAVE to sing at least 3 songs every night before she'd go to bed. I don't remember how/when we stopped. I do know she would sing twinkle twinkle little stars to herself in her crib though. And she'd plead for Elmo. ELLLMOOOOO

:) it does go by so fast..

Annie Kates said...

We always do books in the rocking chair before bed. Now we have instilled quiet independent reading time after mama and daddy stories are over. Mostly this is so I have 5 to 10 minutes for getting Benjamin settled to sleep, but I also want to encourage a love of reading. They love picking out their own books and "reading" before lights out. I sing constantly- little made-up songs about anything and everything all day long.

Mums make lists said...

Would love for you to link it up at my new Empty Your Archive link party which is a chance to dust off great posts from your archive - there is a focus this week on sleep and bedtime - would really love to see you there, Alice @ Mums Make Lists x