Sunday, July 19, 2009

Natural, Organic, Healthy for you!

In light of the last couple of weeks with my twice tested TSH, T3, T4, Free T3, and Free T4 results I have come to the conclusion that a drastic change is in order! I did some googling, oh must love Google!, and found that one's Thyroid can be disrupted due to toxins in your body clinging to the T4 thus it cannot be transformed into the metabolic T3 ones body needs.

This is what I am concluding is happening to my body since none of the medical professionals so far that I speak with can tell me anything... My TSH has bounced around and my T4 has consistantly stayed in a good normal range while my T3 has been the problem all along.

For your thoughts...

October 2006
TSH - 2.0

March 16, 2007
T3- 2.9
T4- 6.5

LabCorp results from b/w on June 24, 2009
TSH - 5.780 with the range being 0.450-4.500
T3 - 74 with the range being 85-205
T4 - 6.5 with the range being 4.5-12

Missouri Baptist results from b/w on July 10, 2009
TSH - 3.02 with the range 0.34-5.60
Free T3 - 2.80
Free T4 - 0.79
*I was told these were all within the normal range...*

So I started wondering what toxins I have in my body which is resulting in the T4 not convering to T3... I found that Selenium is a fantastic vital nutrient that is needed to remove toxins and assist with Thyroid functioning. Too much can become very toxic but too little can cause Thryoid malfunction.

Also read that Soy inhibits the Thyroid's proper functioning, but only in individuals sensitive to Soy. I do not know if this is me or not but have eliminated all Soy from our diet just in case anyways... It has an Estrogenic effect which I do not need any help with. :-) BTW- Did you know that Soy ingredients are also found in most breads? Charles and I spent hours yesterday in the supermarket trying to find simple everyday products without Soy in it!

We are only going to ingest products that contain no antibiotics, no preservatives, no Soy, and in will up our intake of Vegetables and Fruits.

Along with the toxic googling, I came across many sites where Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil is fantastic for Thyroid functioning, upping ones metabolism, and overall general health. It is, afterall, the second highest natural source of Middle Chain Fatty Acids with the first being found only in breastmilk. For this reason alone, many doctors recommend giving babies and children coconut milk for these added and much needed Middle Chain Fatty Acids.

I read story after story where just after the first day of taking the recommended 3 tablespoons a day, noticible changes were seen. Last night, Charles and I both took our first tablespoon (we're breaking it up into one tablespoon three times a day) just before bed. Call it a coicidence or what-have-you but I woke up this morning and my basal body temperature was in the normal pre-ovulation range! Mine lays on the low side usually. I also had amazing egg white cervical mucus (this is the most fertile cervical mucus one can get and is ideally only seen around ovulation).

Needless to say, we're going to continue taking this Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil and see what happens... :-) If you or someone you know has taken this as well, we would love to hear some stories both good and bad!


Michele said...

Soy is found in almost everything! I want to say Wikipedia has an article that gives alternate names of soy derivitives that can help you try to eliminate. But just a note. A friend of mine was breastfeeding and became soy intolerant during that period. All she ate, every day, was rice and beans, until she stopped breastfeeding. She said that every food they ate had soy or a derivitive in it.

I found that when we switched to an organic vegetarian diet my health improved dramatically. I have Hashimoto's which is autoimmune hypothyroiditis, so the chances of me just getting better on my own are practically nonexistent, but diet and exercise made a HUGE difference in how I felt and how I responded to my meds. Also, I dont take generic thyroid meds. The fillers in Synthroid and the generics are different and I found the fillers made generics work poorly for me. The only one that has worked consistently with diet and lifestyle has been real Synthroid.

Melissa said...

that's interesting. How does that stuff taste??

what are your usual pre-o temps?? just curious. Low pre-o temps are supposed to show poor thyroid function too (according to taking charge of your fertility). gah. I hope the endocrinologist can shed some light on all of your results. this has to be frustrating