Monday, May 25, 2009


Oh Thank you so much for the comments and thoughts I have received thus far!!!! I have been googling like no tomorrow on the various topics!!!! :-)

First, my previous b/w results... Yes, I need to be re-tested before going on any meds to ensure accurate dosages and such. Just for fun though, let's use these numbers for this conversation.

October 2006 -

LH 11.6
FSH 4.3
Glucose 96
Thyroid 2.0
Fasting Insulin 12.4
Pilotin (Maybe this is the Prolactin??) (?) 9.3

March 16, 2007 -

T3- 2.9
T4- 6.5

April 18, 2008
Fasting Insulin - 3

Sooooooooooooo.......... After reading Gil's comment on 2.5 for TSH being the number at or below in order to get and maintain a pregnancy, I started googling. Although all my numbers were (yes, I need new blood work before proceeding or jumping to anymore assumptions) in normal range, I read that Hypothyroidism is undiagnosed so often since hypothroid people usually maintain at the low end of the 'normal' guide. Make sense??

Well, according to my numbers and the numbers my Dr. office gave me at the time, I am on the low end. It would make sense... It it bad I'm getting excited that this may be what's wrong with me??? I mean, if this is it we know how to fix it!

What do you think???? I'm really trying to get as much info gathered as I can so when I call the Dr the beginning of June (my mom is coming today! and I don't want to deal with it while she is here!) I want to have all my ducks in a row and know what tests to insist upon and those to not waste my time with. Or perhaps I should go to my ob/gyn and get the testing done there??? Would it cost the same??? oh geez... More questions!

I've got a lot more research to do so I'll just leave it at this for now while I go shower before hubby gets home from his weekend away!!!!! I'm sure the last thing he wants is to come home to a stinky wife! hahaha!!!

Thanks again for all the thoughts and encouragements!!!!


Michele said...

I have Hasimoto's Thyroiditis, the autoimmune form of hypothyroidism. My numbers, at one time, were in the 40s. I feel best when I am under 0.5. Even at 1, I feel sluggish and sick. When pregnant, my OB does his best to keep me at 1, for the baby. (too low would be bad). But, when not pregnant, my GP keeps me around 0.5 and, when trying to conceive, my RE keeps me at around -0.5 (hyper) so that my
pregnancy rise will keep me under 2 until my OB can see me and regulate.

Alexicographer said...

Hi. I, too, came over from LFCA.

No, it's not crazy to hope you're hypothyroid. Most people who are can be easily, safely, and cheaply treated and find they feel much better when they are. And yes, it does cause infertility and treating it allows many women affected by it to achieve healthy pregnancies ... so ...

Here's what I'd recommend. Get an appointment with a thyroid specialist. I found mine (whom I love, love, love) using this website: Although I'd worked with a number of doctors (including 4 different REs -- really) previously, I didn't get my thyroid problem diagnosed or treated until I referred myself to an endocrinologist who specialized in thyroid. I really think this is worth doing ... you wouldn't ask a thyroid doc to treat your ovaries; don't ask a GP, OB/Gyn, or RE to treat your thyroid. Medicine today is just too specialized.

(It can be hard to get seen quickly by a thyroid specialist -- they tend to be booked solid, so if you can, let the staff know you'd be willing to be squeezed in to a last-minute cancellation to get seen more promptly).

Be sure you let any doctor you are working with know you are ttc. Estrogen binds to the T4 hormone the thyroid makes, so anytime your estrogen goes up (which most forms of ART will cause it to do), your thyroid hormone dosage may need to go up. And pregnancy also stresses the thyroid or increases dosage needs if you are taking supplemental T4 (which is the most common approach to treating hypothyroidism -- you just take in pill form the hormone your thyroid cannot make enough of). Easy. Cheap. Safe. Unlike almost everything else we do for infertility.

Mary Shomon's site has a bunch of good information about the thyroid gland and diseases that affect it, and she published a nice summary of guidelines on managing thyroid disease while ttc/pregnant here: (warning: it comes with a belly shot, sorry...).

Hope there's something useful here. My TSH was never as high as 2.9 (maybe 2.7?), but it was only once I got it treated and down to around 1.0 that I was able to conceive and carry a pregnancy. I hope this will turn out to be your answer, because as problems go, it's a good one.

Melissa said...

My T4 #'s were elevated too ( i think 4.5) so my RE said they don't treat that. My PCP tested it again and it was still above the normal range, but only slightly, so they didn't want to do anything about it. I'm thinking of trying to find a specialist too...

ugh! all the crap we have to do to fix ourselves, isn't this why we see doctors?!? lame

Melissa said...

also my SIL has hashimoto's too and she said that her doctor wanted her #'s below 2!! ugh. Also, someone contacted me through your blog but i couldn't write them back. but my e-mail is mel ryan 09 @ yahoo . com but with no spaces between the l and r and the n and 0

Making Babies said...

I can't add much more. But it's looking rather interesting!!! :)

Felly James said...

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Cassandra said...

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