Friday, June 26, 2009

It's my THYROID!!!!

I do believe we finally have answers here!!!! It feels so wrong to be so excited about having an answer! So here are the numbers, tell me what ya think! For comparison, here's the previous numbers...

TSH - 5.780 (HOLY COW!)
T4 - 6.5
T3 - 7.4

Estrdoil - 39
FSH - 3.7
PTT - 29
Protein S - Waiting on
Natural Killer Cells - Normal
Lupus Profile - Negative
Factor V - Normal
Protein C - Normal
ANA - Waiting on
MTHFR - Waiting on

Based on that, and what little google'ing I've done on the rest of the results, Thyroid is the culprit! Oh, I so hope and pray that after the Endo appt August 27th I get some sort of normal cycle back and TTC will fall into place shortly there after!!!!!

So, anyone have any success stories of having Thyroid out of wack only to start meds and get pg shortly there after???? :-)


Cathy said...

So excited you got some of your results so soon!!!

I agree - your thyroid does look like it's in the high range. This could very well be "the" thing!! Lots of good info here about overall thyroid numbers ( AND this site has info about T3 & T4 ranges. If I'm looking at it right, these also look high (

Also, and it looks like they didn't test for these this time, but I was reviewing your old numbers and your fasting insulin levels were on the high range, from what this site says: ( AND your glucose level seemed within range, but on the higher end.

Don't want to get you all worked up or anything. Just wanted to point those out since it looks like your other numbers have gone out of range in the past year or two which makes me wonder if these have too.

I bet you're super excited that there seems to be a hint of something here!! I am for you!!

Michele said...

i have hashiomotos and i had 2 gp's tell me once we got it under control, i'd have no issues. unfortunately, that wasnt the case. but, i can say that it really needs to be under control to support a pregnancy, so it is great that you are on your way!!!

Melissa said...

yeah, that is high (tsh)!! glad you had it checked out!! my SIL has thyroid issues and it took her 4 yrs to conceive between #2 & #3 and #3 & #4. when she was put on meds #5 & #6 came a year apart.

good luck!!

squirrelgirl said...

I also have Hashimotos and it has been controlled since 1993. Had no trouble conceiving twice, though my sister had warned me years earlier that I might have problems. Because... (drum roll) one of her close friends was infertile for something like 9 years, got tested, got her thyroid in check and within 6 months was pg with twins (without meds). Those twins are now 13. So there IS hope!

Making Babies said...

Very exciting news hun! So glad we can get to the bottom of this!


Annie Kates said...

Yay! Megs, I am so excited that you finally have some news."Unexplained" is a terrible title. Now we might finally have part of the answer, if not THE answer to you lo.