Monday, September 15, 2014

Obviously I need to update {Tonsil Stones}

I cannot believe I'm writing yet another blog post on tonsil stones!!! Seriously. More comments asking if I have found a resolution to these disgusting things than about the details of an IUI cycle! Haha!

And yeah, haven't blogged for awhile and this is my comeback post?! I'm cool. And yes, I'm semi back to blogging.

So for those that are finding my blog by way of the NY Times article I was interviewed for, hi! Read my other tonsil stone frustration posts here and here!

Quick update, how I got rid of tonsil stones? Cut gluten! Seriously! No more gluten in my diet (thanks to my oldest daughter) and the tonsil stones vanish! Give it a try before doing something drastic like removing tonsils! I read several articles linking gluten to tonsil stones and sure enough, for ME that was he correlation!

Try it and let me know how it works for you in my unscientific poll! :-)


Jess said...

I have Celiac disease and also got strep throat a ton of times growing up.

My mother had an abcess on her tonsil and got them removed when she was 15

I am 31 years old and just recently saw a white glob on my tonsil, poked it, and a clump shot out like popping a blackhead

it smelled horrible

I had strep 3 times in a year 2 years ago and they told me that if I got it again I was going to have to get my tonsils out but I didn't get it again unfortunately

I wish doctors would have removed these when I was a kid after the 6th or 7th time that I had strep instead of creating the grounds for an even riskier and dangerous surgery that I'm most likely going to need as an adult SMH

If I end up having kids and they inherit the tonsil issues that my mother and I did I will force their Dr to take them out

I've been diagnosed with Celiac for a couple of years and been GF for 2 and never had these before. I really want them removed :(

Anonymous said...

Hi, so about 4 weeks ago as I was finishing eating diner i felt like a piece or rise or something was stucked on the very back of my throat. As days passed by the feeling was still there, specially when working out, i could feel something there when swallowing, sometimes it felt like a dry spot in that small area when breathing deep or drinking water. Few days later a started feeling some pain (a bit of pressure) on my left ear, same side where i had the feeling on my throat. I've been to a ENT, he looked at my ear/nose/throat and couldnt see anything, be literally told me he didnt know what it could be, but assured me it all looked good. Last week i looked at my tonsils, they were not inflamed or anything but as soon as I pushed on it this white sandy thing came out. It was size of half grain of rice. It smelled awful. Feeling was still there and couple of days later when pushing around more of it came out. I feel relief after finding your article on the NYTs and reading this blog. What i feel seems to be the same as what u experienced. I'll go see my doctor next week and tell him about the stones I found.

I'll try cutting gluten but my question is how can I remove all calcium that is still there somewhere on my tonsils? kinda hard to tell since my tonsils dont look inflamed, but when pushing around stuff still comes out and just have the feeling something on my throat and ear pressure sometimes. Until today i wasnt sure if it was ok for me to push on my tonsils, tohught i would damaged it, however, u did it for years and u are ok.