Friday, September 4, 2009

The NY Times Health and Me?

Hello my friends!

I apologize for my absense lately... I've been processing things. Big decisions. More posts to come with the topics of: PCOS, Metformin, Massages, Money, and TTC... For now though. Something pretty exciting and interesting!

You all know about my lovely Tonsil Stone history from previous posts. Namely this one.

Well, I was contacted by Elizabeth Svoboda who is a freelance writer for the NY Times. After several conversation, check out this article!!!!

So tell me... What experiences, if any, do YOU have with these annoying things called Tonsil Stones???

Go read The NY Times Health Section for the article on Tonsil Stones!

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Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...i've had these things since i can remember...i too, use the q-tip solution. sometimes though they get so bad that i have to drink HOT tea or coffee and then use a bulb syringe to loosen all the yucky stones. i am amazed at the size and nastiness of them. i have them and so do a couple of my cousins, but my mom had her tonsils removed and so did all of her siblings so that explains why i'm the first "weirdo" to have gills!!! anyway the doctors that i've gone to about it told me the same old thing...rinse, gargle, don't push on them, just let it be, its benign and causes no problems... so glad to see this article, meg!