Thursday, November 8, 2012


It arrived!!! Truly felt like Christmas came early!!!

Meet my new BFF.

Though I call her Lunette.

Not really but doesn't she deserve a name?

"She" will help my crazy PCOS cycles regulate.

"She" will literally give us the green light when conception is most likely.

"She" will, God willing, shorten the time span in which we spend trying to conceive.

"She" will be a permanent fixture in our bedroom until I see two pink lines again! {And then I wonder what other benefits "she" would bring to Charles and My health!  Maybe even help labor along at full term during the "full moon" phase?!}

"She" will also be a Natural Family Planning {aka Avoiding Conception without chemicals!} assistant when that time comes.  Right now, we want a baby!  :-)

I was introduced to Lunaception several years ago in a brief this-sounds-cool reading.  I did not really think much else of it at the time.

That all changed about three months ago when I announced that we were no longer going to pursue fertility treatments in our quest to bring a sibling home for Little Miss.  I have spent the last several weeks researching it, wondering if there was something to this Moon Cycle.

 It makes sense to me.  Does a full moon not resemble a pregnant belly?  Back in the days when God created the Heavens and the Earth, artificial lights did not exist.  I can see the moons cycle indeed impacting our lives.  God does do everything for a reason...  In fact, I wonder if infertility rates are higher among city dwellers than country folk? {Catch my country twang?  :-)}

Coincidence?  A theory-  To help with utilities, we put heavy duty blankets/curtains on our windows in the bedroom and thus resulting a pitch black sleeping environment.  About three weeks ago it was a nice evening so we slept with the windows open.  Directly across from our window is a street light.  It glared into our bedroom all.night.long.  Very annoying.  This happened to be like day 10 of my cycle.  Right at two weeks later, I had a really light menstrual cycle that I can only attribute to the light signaling ovulation before my body was actually ready and thus a weak ovulation and weak period.

And then I read a review from Naturally Knocked Up {Fantastic book she wrote too by the way!} on this new product, Luness.  I was hooked!

And here I am, having just opened the package it came in all excited to try it!  I'm hoping after a few months of regular Luness use, I can wean off the Vitex but I will continue taking the Pregnitude as I have read too many reasons to continue taking it not only during conception but throughout pregnancy.  I notice a difference in me when I am off it for more than two days.

So now we just wait for the lovely witch to show so I can press that cycle start button and get this show on the road!  I promise to continue updating how Lunette and I are getting along.  :

Anyone familiar with Lunaception?  Tried Luness?

*Disclaimer- I was sent at no cost to me, Luness, to review and provide my honest opinions.

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Anonymous said...

I am sad no one has commented on this article yet! I am pursuing my degree in Nurse-Midwifery and I am especially interested in methods that promote fertility awareness for both natural conception and birth control. I am really interested in Lunaception and I like that there is a new product out there catering to those who would like more regular cycles. So, do you feel like it has worked for you? You should give an update!