Sunday, March 7, 2010

All {Natural}!!! {All} God!!!

Part One... The God thing with the books.

Thank you so much for sharing in our surprised excitement! I've been asked several times for the story, what in the world happened! So I will share. :-) I know I'd want to know.

Let me first and foremost say, WE DID NOT RELAX!!!!!!!!! Actually, I think I was quite obsessed waiting on my period to arrive to start testing yet using OPKs and having sex on demand and popping a thousand supplements in the hopes of one of them working and analyzing every twinge and pain and ache I had both before and after ovulation! In other words, it was pretty much a normal natural trying to conceive cycle. Just because we were not in the midst of a treatment cycle does not mean it was a 'relaxing' cycle... Just to clarify before anyone says something stupid to me!

Now that that was clarified...

As you all know, I did the OPKs this cycle and got two beautiful days worth of positives. We got busy. :-) It was our last cycle before jumping back into the last round of testing with Dr. Pearlstone and then he would be directing us to either more rounds of IUI or jumping right into IVF which he was leaning towards during our consult for numerous reasons.

I knew though, before jumping into more treatments, I needed {as for me, I will do everything I can in keeping my end of the deal} to finish this first of three books God gave me to write. I just knew, as did my mom, my dad, my MIL, and my husband, that I would not get pregnant until this book was complete. I last wrote about it here in May... Wow. I just knew that I could only fully go into the treatments knowing this book was done and so I set out to finish it. I worked on it while the boys napped. I worked on it when I got home and after Charles was asleep until I could no longer keep my eyes open. I wrote. I read. I prayed.

And it was reiterated to me by my cycle this past November. I had never had a 16 day luteal phase... Check out this chart! Yet I tested and negative and then my period arrived. Had the book been finished, I believe this would have been the cycle. This is not a normal looking chart for me at all! I was getting excited in thinking I had misunderstood God and the book being complete. Wrong!

I finished {it needs to be edited but all the 'insides' are there} the book Thursday, February 25, 2010. I had not tested, at all, this entire cycle. Friday morning, February 26, 2010, I tested and positive! I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that had the book not been complete and I tested, my period would have arrived.

I understand not everyone believes the same as I do. I do not want to preach, I just cannot hide my excitement in the miracle God has worked in my life! I know I cannot take the first bit of credit for this cycle being a success. Only God could have opened my rock solid womb... I have only made it thru this infertility journey by holding tight to my faith and believing that it is all apart of God's plan and that His will be done in my life. It has been. No matter how this pregnancy plays out, it's okay. It's all apart of God's plan. He is the giver and taker of life. Not me.

I have made a vow to myself, no matter how upset or stressful or afraid I may become throughout this pregnancy, I will remain thankful for each and everyday God grants this life to live one more day inside me. I have heard time and time again that pregnancy goes by way too fast and that so much was regretted. I do not want to regret or miss one moment that we've waited four plus years for...

And tomorrow will continue the story. :-)


squirrelgirl said...

What a wonderful post! Your faith continues to be inspiring.

Cathy said...

I know you already told me all of this, but I am lying here just crying my eyes out! Such a testament to the wonders of what he can do, if we only open ourselves up to him. So very thankful for this little life he's given you and so excited for what's to come!!!

Hillary said...

Such a beautiful testimony to the goodness of God! Thank you for sharing and congrats again. :)