Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr. Peter Ahlering

I have to say that I have been surprisingly shocked by Dr. Ahlering this week...

Let me recap first. :-)

Remember how excited I was when we got an appointment so quickly??? Or how excited I was with the wonderful POA??? Or how devastated I was when I found out he was no longer a preferred provider on our insurance? Yeah. Talk about a short lived roller coaster!

When I informed his office staff of the request to have my records transferred to Dr. Pearlstone as Dr. Ahlering is no longer covered under our insurance, I assumed A) word would get to Dr. Ahlering of this or B) he has so many other patients he would not know, especially since I only physically saw him once and only did two phone consults.

Imagine my surprise on Valentine's Day when I receive an e-mail from Dr. Ahlering himself saying he is just checking in and asking how things were going.


I responded thanking him for the "check in" and explained the insurance situation thus going to another RE but that that was the only reason we had left his practice.

Today I received an e-mail saying he wishes I would have said something as he can get medications low cost or even free and to let him know. {Not exactly sure where that came up but miscommunication happen}

So I responded making myself more clear, so I hoped, on it not having anything to do with the medications but that in going to him we would have to pay out of pocket 100% for all office visits, ultrasounds, tests, IUIs, IVFs but if we switched to a preferred provider RE all this would be covered, minus co-pay.

So I get a response back, today, "No problem. Of course I wish you the best and understand these tough dilemmas. I hope that things work out for you in an office that works well for you. Best regards."

So needless to say, I am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Ahlering and wishes so much that he was still a preferred provider under this new insurance!!!! So although I only physically was seen by him once, I would totally recommend him to others!!!

Thankfully though, I'm also impressed {so far} with Dr. Pearlstone and glad that he is a preferred provider... :-)


[cre] said...

Wow - sounds like he's a great doctor but I'm glad you've found another that you like.

And girl, I owe you a BIG apology!!! I have not responded to your last email, I have been SO busy and it just dawned on me this morning when I pulled your blog up that I need to go back and reply. I also need to get to you some recipes. I have a couple for you actually that I will go ahead and send this morning -- they are simple but yummy ones :)

Jessica said...

Wow...that was really nice of him. He has impressed me too...I feel really at ease with him.

I hope Dr. Pearlstone can get you your BFP!!

Do you want to meet up next wednesday night at a coffee house??

TwoDogMama said...

I will say in Dr. Ahlering's defense he did always respond quickly to my emails, was friendly, and always remembered what was going on with me. The rest of my experience I will not post on here, but if I went back to any RE in St. Louis (and I went to the four big ones) it would be Dr. Pearlstone. I believe you will be in good hands with him and I cannot even begin to tell you how unbelieveable jealous I am of your insurance coverage. I wish everyone in the US had the same coverage for infertility.

オテモヤン said...
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[cre] said...

Hey Girlie!

I left you several comments two posts about - about the update on recipes. There are like 5 recipes there for you that are from me and a few of my family members. I'll be collecting more over the next few days. I just wanted to make sure that you saw them. We'll get you to that goal of yours in no time!!! :) :) :)

The Millers said...

WOW! That is amazing! I had a pit in my stomach when I was reading your blog that you were going to say something negative on DR A. Thank you for the postive feedback!
I have heard nothing but good things about Pearlstone as well. I feel good about both our paths!