Friday, December 4, 2009

Taking it back, Thanksgiving style!

Since I never updated how our trip to Georgia over Thanksgiving went, I'm taking it back a week to do just that!

{Oh yes. I didn't tell you. We went to Georgia so we could be with family over Thanksgiving. Let's just say that 8 days of family is wonderful yet overwhelming!}

Let me start by saying that it was one emotionally draining week!!!!!

We spent the first evening with my Aunt J and Uncle J. It was so lovely seeing them as they are always such great company! This year was particularly hard though as it was the first time we were to see my Uncle J since he had been diagnosed with lung cancer a couple months back.

We spent time with my parents, brothers, long overdue friends, and Charles' family... {next post will be 100% photos as it is just way too many to add here!}

The emotionally draining part of the visit was everywhere we went, BABIES were there! Literally!!!!

I went to a dear friend's baby shower. My mom has u/s photos of "Little Guy" up on the fridge {Ray's daughter-in-law is expecting their miracle after IVF and m/c in Jan I believe}. My dad has u/s photos of "Savannah" on their fridge {Jodi' daughter's baby to be in late Feb I believe}. My oldest brother made talk about adopting a child from India come early 2010. {WHAT???} Spent time with my dear friend A who not only has two children but is pregnant naturally with twins. Newest niece, six month old Allyson, was there. It was asked of us from Charles' elderly Aunt and cousins when we were going to have 'that boy' and on and on and on. {They were too old to get into the discussion of WE HAVE BEEN TRYING THANK YOU VERY MUCH! so you just grin and nod and plaster that fake smile.} BABIES, BABIES, BABIES!!!!

Not to mention the heartless comments made by others during this week who all KNOW our history and our desires to become parents. Some people... ARGH! I guess it comes with the territory of letting people in, you have to risk having them be heartless and hurt you.

Hence why this post debuted. Smack dab in the middle of it all and not a soul to talk to. Not a soul that understood. Or so I felt, while in the middle of it all... But you all that left comments brought such great comfort to me that I am NOT alone and you DO understand! I cannot thank you enough for that encouragement when I needed it the most!

I even got drunk. My first {and last} time. I broke. I resorted to the only thing I thought would take away the pain. That would stop the world from turning for just a moment so I could catch my breath, compose, and move forward. Unfortunately, all it did was make me greatly ill and miserable physically.

I cried so hard and so long on this trip. It was supposed to be all enjoyment. All wonderful spending so much time with family and friends. And it was. Don't get me wrong. But now I am ever so grateful that we do not live back in Georgia in the midst of all this. I am grateful that we could 'escape' back to our home and only enter back into all this when we picked up the phone at our will to do so. I became so grateful that we love everyone we saw yet space is so wonderful too...

One of my most favorite parts of the entire week though had to been spending time with our nieces! How I love and miss those girls dearly!!! We crammed on the couch watching movies. Walked around the acreage the in laws have. Had girl talk. Played games. Laughed. The stories. The fun. Just had an amazing time with them!

It was so sad saying bye to everyone yet after 8 days, I think we were all ready to part ways for a bit. Maybe we'll stick to shorter visits that happen more frequently... :-)


Michele said...

Oh hon... Drinking... Not always a cure all. I had a drinking overload quite a number of years ago and just got monumentally sick. So I hear you. Sucks. :(

Big hugs...

Cathy said...

I read this awhile back in a bit of a hurry, but kept forgetting to comment. I am glad you were able to see everyone and am sorry to hear it wasn't how you'd probably imagined, in some respects. Sometimes people just don't think before they open their mouths and it's unfortunate really. It's hard to do the whole bottle it up thing and it getting really old. Wishin I would have been there to give you a big hug. I hope you have some great memories from your trip though and that you are back in time to unwind, clear your head and enjoy Christmas with your husband. I love those quite, fireside candlelight dinners with soft holiday music playing. I hope you get to enjoy one or two of your favorites like that in the upcoming weeks!