Monday, December 28, 2009


And the results are in! :-) SO very excited, really!

It's confirmed, I'm A- {Charles is +}. Fun stuff, huh?

My non-fasting Glucose levels went from 105 {08/09} to 85!

My TSH went from 1.88 {08/09 after being on Armour Thyroid for about a month} to 0.09!!!!!!! Let me just say that this explains soooooo much now! My resting heart rate has been higher than usual. It will start to race for no apparent reason. Yep. It's way too low now! The goal is between 1-2 for goodness sake!

My T3 was 134 and my T4 was 9.7.

Hep B & C, RPR {syphilis test} and HIV are "non-reactive". Good thing I assume.

Rubella Antibody {IGG} came back at 3.34. The reference range says this is Positive. The explanation says, "The presence of Rubella IGG Antibody suggests immunization or past or current infection with Rubella virus." What does this mean????

FSH is 3.5 {my lowest yet!}
LH is 4.6 {Again, my lowest!}
So it's very similar so still indicative of PCOS???

Prolactin was 6.5 {Can't find previous results to compare...}

Estradiol was 34.

Still pending the results for Anti Mullerian Hormone, Testosterone, and Inhibin B.

I'm gonna say it... I'm excited! I believe that the Vit D3 is truly helping my body function properly!!!! The only other two things I've done new {always on the multi vitamin} were take 720mg of Red Raspberry Leaf and 800mg of Vitex every day for two straight cycles. I was off these two things for four days when I had my blood drawn. Not sure if it was still in my system or not but I'm back on it for this cycle. :-)

So I'm going tomorrow to our family physician and see what he says about my TSH. I'm already on the lowest dosage so just go off of it or what...

So do you have any experience with Vitex, Red Raspberry Leaf, or Vitamin D3 and improving of labs??? :-)


squirrelgirl said...

I don't know much about the other numbers (except the thyroid, which you are already aware of) but the Rubella antibody just means you have antibodies for the Rubella virus in your bloodstream. The lab has no way of knowing if you have/had a real rubella infection or if, more likely, you had the rubella vaccine as a child (part of the MMR series). The presence of the antibodies means you have immunity to Rubells, so that's a good thing :-)

Ray and Chrissy said...

I agree with squirrelgirl. It means you have rubella titers which is a good thing. That means you don't have to be inoculated again for rubella. Getting rubella during pregnancy can be fatal for a developing fetus. Not being inoculated against the virus means you would have to be and then you would have to wait another month or more before you could TTC again.

Emily B said...

I have no idea what the numbers mean but hopefully the more information you and your health care workers have, the more it will help in the long run! We're rooting for you :) said...

i did start taking D3 and calcium & magnesium. I've been taking vitex for about 8 weeks. I haven't had blood drawn in months though (woot!) so i don't know if they've made any sort of difference :)

woot for your results back though!!

mom said...

aren't you glad your mom told you about vit D3? I started taking 3000mg a day starting yesterday. I hope that helps. I also got some herbs to try for the diabetes so will hit the Herb Shop for some verification. That will be Saturday since Ray is working.