Wednesday, December 23, 2009

11 MORE Vials

Who could have guessed I had 11 more vials of blood in me that were available for the taking today??? I never would have guessed...

But they did.

11 more vials of blood taken today after my SHG and AFC... The traditional start of cycle blood work and an infectious disease panel. Interesting.

But first. :-)

I found everyone to be very pleasant! It was a beautiful space. Very open and welcoming. Not like a traditional Doctor's office. Dr. Ahlering was very easy to talk to. During the SHG/AFC, I informed him that I had very high expectations as I personally know three people whom are pregnant after going thru IVF with him. Two with twins and one with a singleton. He laughed and said that he would do the same for me but he does not take orders on singletons or twins. haha! :-)

The SHG went well. It started out with the nurse telling me about it and then when she compared it to the HSG {which I had a few months back in March}, I told her I felt nothing from that she immediately stopped talking and said, "oh, this will be a breeze then! Not telling you anymore." And out she walked... That made me feel much more comfortable about it. She was right. I felt absolutely nothing. Okay. I felt the speculum enter but that's it. YAY!

Said that my uterus looked great. I do have a fibroid that he is not worried about at all due to the location and tiny size. No polyps. Great shaped.

My ovaries had like a total of 15 follicles ish on them and he said that it could be borderline PCOS {hahaha! Yep. Looks like we're back with that diagnosis...} and that the blood work would confirm it or not. But that all looked good.

So we have a follow up phone consult January 8 to go over the blood work and develop a POA... :-)

So my blood tests I had today {I so asked the gal for a copy of the tests so I could have it as I was not about to remember all of them!}

FSH, Hepatitis B, LH, Prolactin, Rubella Immune Status, Total T3, Total T4, TSH, Estradiol, CBC, ABO Group and RH Type, Hepatitis C Antibody, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Total Testosterone, Anti Mullerian Hormone, HIV, Inhibin-B Elisa AND here, RPR {test for Syphilis}.

So, anyone know anything about any of these confusing tests?? Besides the obvious ones... :-) {I googled and think that the links to the weird ones are what they are... Thoughts???}


Emily B said...

I don't know anything about the tests, but I have my fingers firmly crossed for you!
11 vials, eh? Yikes. Take your iron supplements and eat some spinach (as my mum would say)!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear everything went well. It sounds VERY similar to our fist visit with our RE a few weeks ago. Lots more blood work, extra follicles and possible borderline PCOS, another semen analysis for my husband (but they're doing something different this time), etc. :) It's exciting to get a new perspective though...looking forward to hearing how all the test results come back for you!

TwoDogMama said...

Hi Meaghan - I had the same tests run by my OB/GYN in August. You can go back on my blog and see the explainations I had for some of them, but I'll try to provide you some answers here. It also took 10 vials from me I believe. Dr. A never invested the time to test me, but that's a story for another day. :) Glad he and his office are doing everything they can with you before you get started on anything.

I assume you know what FSH is, Hep B - checking to see if you have immunities to it, LH=Lutenizing Hormone I believe, Prolactic - no clue, Rubella - if you have antibodies to it, I believe the T ones are different thyroid levels, RH has to do with blood antibodies this can cause miscarriages, AMH from what I remember can give you an idea of how your eggs are - my AMH was bad which was another clue my eggs sucked, and Inhibin-B the same thing. I'll go back and look at my blog, and test results and email you anything else. Also I am reading a new book that explains all the tests very well (first one I have found) - Is Your Body Baby Friendly, by Dr. Alan E. Beer. I just happened to stumble upon it at the library and it is helping me understand a lot of those tests, because of course the majority of info I got I had to research for myself. Keep us posted on the results and take care.