Monday, December 14, 2009

Grape Juice???

**ETA 12/30 that I found where the Grape Juice link came from! This post where I was asking for help on how to get it out of a cream sweater!!! :-) hahaha!**

I always find it rather amusing, and frightening at the same time, what keywords people use to locate my blog. Yesterday I was getting a chuckle out of it when I came across someone using "Grape Juice to make ovulate". I do not recall ever posting anything on this especially since I had never heard of it before!

After I googled this, I only found posts on the 'benefits' of Grape Juice prior to Ovulation. I didn't spend a whole lot of time now but will certainly google again at a later date just for the heck of it.

But until then, anyone know anything about grape juice to induce ovulation??? I'd LOVE to hear about it... :-)

BTW- some other keywords used to find me include my name, all butchered spellings included. Tonsil Stones. hahaha! I'll never live this one down... Infertility. Empty Arms. Dead/Cold-water/Limp tail. Thanks Jill. And lots of infertility keywords. Interesting I tell ya... :-)


Making Babies said...

LOL, funny stuff. But how do you see what key words are being used to "find your blog".....

Jessica said...

I have the same question as above...tell us how???