Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anyone know how to get grape juice out of a cream sweater? We tried a new church this morning and during communion i got my little cup even though i hesitated as i could just imagine all the germs going into the tray thanks to all the coughing that occured during the service.. So i got mine and somehow charles knocked me and well the little cup i was holding spilled on my sweater! I couldnt help but laugh really... Charles feels really bad but it is pretty funny! I have accepted that this sweater will be trashed but will attempt to get it out. ANY SUGGESTIONS????????

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squirrelgirl said...

Soak it in Biz and let it dry outside in the sun. DO NOT put it in the dryer. You may have to do it a couple of times but I get all Katherine's juice stains out this way.

The Swann's said...

Thanks Mere, I actually ended up using Oxy clean something or another and like soaked it in it before washing it and line drying it. It looks good so far. Now the test will be when I wear it to make sure my eyes are not playing tricks on me. Heck, I contemplated just dying the whole thing a dark color to cover it up. :-)

mom said...

Only you could spill communion juice! (you get that from your mom) lol too funny... I know it was actually Charles that spilled. I would have had to leave the service because I would have been laughing my butt off.