Saturday, June 20, 2009

Endocrinologist Update

I know, I've been a horrible blogger lately. I do apologize... :-( Let's just say that I've been pretty overwhelmed since I got back from Georgia with the whole move and such. Excuse now used so let me move on...

After the whole discussions on my blog in regards to my initial PCOS questioning post and then the Hypothryoid questioning post and then when the wonderful Nurse at my RE office said we would do all the testing, I used a website suggested by Alexicographer and after going back and forth to make sure I found a Dr on this website also covered by my Insurance, I settled on one.

I called and the receiptionist I spoke with started out polite as I gave her all my information. It started when I told her I was having the bloodwork done the end of June and would have it sent over to them that the evil came out. We went round and round and round. She kept saying that you cannot schedule an appointment until they have all the results. I asked how far out the Dr was booking appointments and was told THREE MONTHS! I assured her I would have the results over in plenty of time for the Dr to look over the results prior to the appointment. She insisted and said that she did not understand why I was not understanding. I told her that I did not want the appointment tomorrow but rather her next available, as in, three months out as when I got the results who knows how far out she would be booking then.

I told her I could have my records sent over from a previous Dr when I have my Thyroid tested before. She asked how old the records were? I said about 2 years. She said, "We need relevant records". I said, well, I hope the Dr takes these records into consideration as she looks at the new numbers for comparison... She said I could have them sent over but I couldn't schedule an appointment until I had the new labs.

I'm just frustrated remembering this conversation! If I never deal with her again, I'll be the happiest person alive!

So, let's just say that I ended the conversation with the fullest intentions never to call again better yet send over any of my information.

So when I received a voicemail just yesterday from another lady from this same office asking me to call I was confused.

I called and spoke with this lady and as she said she was getting my file I said, "To be quite honest. I am not sure why you called me." She was very nice and explained that she had requested my records from Dr. Witten's office and was calling to schedule my appointment.

Jaw drop here. Really???

Somehow during the conversation with ultra rude girl whom I found out is named Chris whom I will avoid like the plaque, wrote down that I mentioned my RE was Dr. Witten and when this new nice lady received the notes it was written on there. When she never received records she took it upon herself to inquire about the records herself so she was calling to set up the appointment as she had records now.

I am not quite sure how to take this to be honest. Records were requested and released without my permission. Isn't there a HIPPA law that is supposed to protect me here???

I decided that since this new lady was ultra nice and she apologized repeatedly for the rude lady Chris, I went ahead and scheduled the appointment. I have it. August 27th I believe at like 2:15pm I think. Thankfully, she is sending out a reminder letter with directions as well. :-)

So there it is. We'll see what happens...


Michele said...

did you perhaps sign a release earlier? at our gp, i signed a release for other docs years ago and they will send records w/o me contacting them. my re however requires a new slip each time.

what a b!tch the first girl was! i dont know that i'd be able to deal w/ an office like that. you just made me so grateful for my re and ob's offices!

The Swann's said...

No, no release signed for either place. I have signed releases at previous Ob/Gyn and Dr offices to release info TO RE office but not FROM the RE Office...

Like I said, I'm not too sure how I feel about all this... Certainly has me weary though.

Melissa said...

that first woman sounds horrible! but seriously some the people who schedule appts don't know what they are talking about...gah!

woot for the appt being made though! I would ask about how they got your records? that seems shady..

Cathy said...

Agreed. It does seem suspicious. And what a long wait for an appt! Probably off vacationing in Maui or something super unfair like that :P In any case, I just hope that office turns out to be a place you feel secure with and that can give you answers!

Definitely moving in the right direction! Lots and lots to look forward to!!