Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Smiley Planner Review

I have been on the hunt for THE perfect planner for ME since November 2016 y'all!  Not even kidding. I didn't think my 'must have' list was too hard to find but apparently it is....

I wanted one planner to keep up with homeschool days/tasks/events, everyday life with appointments and extracurricular activities, and room for me to write and put a daily 2x3" picture from my HP Sprocket printer.

See? Shouldn't be a difficult task.

The first planner I picked up from Target just wasn't cutting it. No room for my daily picture. But I loved the tabs for each month and note taking room at the back.

The second planner I purchased was this Smiley planner from Amazon. I had high hopes. Those were crushed when it arrived. The cover felt cheap. The pages were see through while laid flat! No way writing on the pages wouldn't have bled through. The paper was very thin feeling, I felt I had to be careful not to tear the pages when flipping through it. The stickers it came with were plain looking. 

Overall, the planner left a lot to be desired in every area.
Looks cuter in the picture than in real life.

The boring stickers it came with.
I don't know why the picture is upside down.... But regardless, you can see the image on the other side of the paper while the diary is laying perfectly flat!
Again, not sure why the picture is upside down... This is the image that you could see through on the other side of the paper. Not even an image I put there but an additive from the creator of the planner.
I apologize for the upside down pictures. :-/ Again, pages laying flat and you can see the other sides images.
Ugh. Upside down still. This is what is on the other side. Cute but annoying to see it from the other side.
No tabs. Color coded months.
I'm going to have to fix this, somehow... Some cute images.
Note taking pages. Not doing any good though as I'm pretty confident whatever you wrote on one side would bleed through and thus use the back page unusable.

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