Thursday, January 22, 2015

How many kids....?

The question comes up many times. If you have no kids, it is "how many do you want?" If you have one kid, "when will you have another to reach that perfect 2.2 kids?" Having two kids, especially of the same sex, "When will you try for that girl/boy third child?" 

That's where we are... 

We have two girls and surely will try to persuade our odds to have a boy because our life isn't complete without a boy, right? Right in, a son would be awesome! A son would add a new dynamic to our family. A son for Charles, that unique bond. A "mommy's boy". Yeah, a son would be wonderful! 

Wrong in assuming adding another girl to our family is "less than ideal". Believing another girl is "too much estrogen". Asking why we "need another girl"? Saying "we can try again a fourth time for that boy".

Personally, I'm thankful the gender of my kids is not up to me as I would have missed out on a whole lot! I thought I wanted a boy when we were pregnant with Little Miss. I thought my dream family consisted of a boy first. Boy was I wrong! Little Miss is so much more than I imagined a first born son would bring to our family. 

When I was pregnant with Little Sister, I did so have my heart set on sisters. I wanted Little Miss to have what I always dreamed of having, a sister. A son would not have been disappointing, I just wanted sisters I didn't care the age difference. :-)

As Little Sister is days away from hitting the 18 month mark, the question is asked more and more "when will you try for that boy?" Well folks, we're trying. Not for "that boy" though. Just another miracle baby to love.

If it is a girl, good thing I'm not sick and tired of pink and purple yet! And we have loads of clothes and glitter to spare! If it is a boy, it'll be a fun dynamic to add to our family! The only thing I know for sure, he will not be named Charles IV! We'll pick our own name, thank-you-very-much!

So the haunting question is, how long will this take? 49 months for Little Miss. 7 months for Little Sister. Who's up for placing bets for number 3? :-)

3 comments: said...

We didn't find out what #3 was until delivery. Having two girls brought out everyone's opinion on what number 3 should be, because obviously we have a choice and we needed to hear their opinion. Lame. Turned out he was a boy and then the flood of "oh you're done now, right?" Amazing. My dh and I aren't sure that we are done but it seems pointless to bring it up to people because ultimately it's our decision. Good luck on ttc #3!! I was so happy to have two girls first too! I have all brothers and I'm beyond thankful my girls have each other.

squirrelgirl said...

Wishing you sticky vibes as you try for Blessing #3!

Erin said...

I could have written this!,
I'm beyond excited about you trying for #3! I'm going with 4 months!

I hear all the time about hoping for a boy but I'm probably getting a girl. I'm happy with what God blesses us with because he knows much more than I ever will and I trust Him!