Monday, March 10, 2014


I feel like our life, every nitty gritty detail, is in the process of an overhaul. Where we live. How we spend our time. What we eat. Doctors. Grocery stores. Routine with everyone home. Heck, even feeling like my blog needs one. After all, it doesn't exactly include Little Sister in the header. With all the changes going on, you would think we were implementing New Years Resolutions! Haha!

Change is always hard though I like to think I am pretty good with just going with the flow.

In talking about the changes we are embracing, the most exciting change is the fact we rarely took vacations. Now, we have been given the reminder not to take any day for granted thus our desire to travel and enjoy the days together. Making memories in the little and big moments! Our first trip in the planning? Somewhere with a beach. A real beach, not the imitations Callaway Gardens has. Thinking that's a perfect place to welcome the start of my third decade anniversary.

So while we dream our perfect vacations, what is your ideal vacation??

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